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Cookout Restaurant review – the chicken in my sandwich was undercooked

Cookout Restaurant review - the chicken in my sandwich was undercooked
the Cookout gave me an undercooked piece of chicken!

To whom it concerns,

I went to the Cookout restaurant right off I-85 by Sugar Creek yesterday. The line went around the building and it seemed to take forever. I was starving but apparently this was a pretty popular time of the day. There are lots of rude people in line too – like the guy in front of me in the big black SUV with the huge chrome wheels that kept opening up his door and spitting on the on the parking lot in front of me – that was very distasteful to say the least.

When it finally came my turn that person inside had a hard time understanding my order. So I had to say it very slowly and almost spell it out to them. It sounded like they were a little slow in there and don’t mean speed wise – maybe that’s why the line of cars went around the building.

Cookout restaurant
1301 West Sugar Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 921-8787 (I called this number they have listed in the yellow pages and no one ever answers the phone)

I ordered their grilled chicken club tray, no lettuce, with double chicken quesadillas and a huge sweet tea light on the ice. ever since I had a bad experience at a Wendy’s restaurant (I got food poisoning and was sick for a few days) I always check my food before I eat it. I also always check my sandwich when I order at Cookout now because it has been many occasions where I have ordered no lettuce and still received lettuce.

So this time I checked and it was fine – plenty of lettuce and everything looked right. However, when I started eating the sandwich my friend noticed the chicken was still very pink. I cut throughout the whole chicken and all of it was pink – I mean not just a little bit – all throughout the chicken it was pink and definitely under-cooked inside it.

I went back inside and the line was so long I couldn’t possibly get to the front for probably half an hour or more. So I just left. After that I just didn’t feel like eating anything anyway. What I am asking for is I would like some type of reimbursement for this grossly under-cooked chicken whether or not it was a mistake, and hopefully I will not get sick from the few bites I ate.

Additionally, I really believe there should be a number that you can call to contact the restaurant in case something like this happens because you can’t always go back up there immediately or wait in line again. And I am a business person and I believe a faster solution to a problem is always better than one that takes so much time like now.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Ciara C.

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