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Cookout Review – great late night fast food

Cookout is a great place to eat late


I was driving home on I-85 from Raleigh to Charlotte and was in need of a late night snack. It was about 3 am on a Wednesday night, and I was almost sure that all the fast food restaurants would be closed.

I kept an eye open for signs displaying what the food options were at each exit just in case I came across one that was open. After seeing some Mcdonalds, Burger king, and Wendy’s signs I came across an exit that had a Cookout. I wasn’t sure of their hours so I slowed down as the exit approached and saw form the the highway that they were surprisingly open.

With my stomach growling I decided to stop. I had been to cookout a couple of times before, but never this late at night. I didn’t expect to receive high quality food at this hour but anything would have sufficed.




There was no line and I drove right up to the drive through window. I was greated very pleasantly by a female voice. She sounded very happy to be taking my order when she spoke. I was a bit surprised by her enthusiasm. At this hour I would assume these workers would have been falling asleep standing up.

I ordered a chicken strips tray with french fries, a cajun wrap, and cherry cheesecake shake. For only a dollar more I could get the shake with the tray, so I just had to get it. I have had their shakes in the past and find them irresistable. I get one almost every time.

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When I pulled up to the window I payed, and received my food. I then proceeded to the parking lot where I could stop and eat. At this hour I expected to open up my box, and find cold food that had been sitting around all night. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. The food I got was piping hot, and very crisp. My shake was also very rich in flavor like always.

I was very happy with my decision to stop at Cookout on my way back to Charlotte. It gave me just enough energy to help me make it back home safe. For anyone who is out late looking or a quick bite to eat, I would definitely recommend stopping at cookout.

3 thoughts on “Cookout Review – great late night fast food

  1. Man that place is awesome!!!!!!! I’ve had many late nights there, and foods always great. You also see girls stopping in from the club! If you haven’t been you def. should check it out.

  2. I agree with Bruab, except the guys and the food are always great! Even though the Cookout is open later, doesn’t mean the quality and quantity of food isn’t to die for. I love eating here and the employees are always friendly, not matter what hour. :]

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