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Cool and Clear HVAC air conditioning service review – Great service and great price for ac repairs in the Charlotte NC area!

Cool and Clear HVAC air conditioning service review
I found this HVAC certified guy here in Charlotte NC that has great services and the best price - Jerry Baker (704)650-0992.

It was 3 in the afternoon a few weeks ago and the air conditioning stopped blowing cold air. I called around and most ac service companies were either busy or wanted far too much money to come and fix my air conditioning system. Brothers Heating and air said they couldn’t come out that day and Anderson wanted $200 just to come to my house. That’s ridiculous.

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Then to make things worse, I knew that my system just needed to be recharged with a pound or two of refrigerant. Anderson and Brothers wanted $60 to $80 per pound of refrigerant. I made some phone calls and found that most other name brand services were the same – expensive with a capital E.

Then I went and looked online on Craigslist. I made a few phone calls and then I found this guy named Jerry Baker of Cool and Clear. It turns out he is a real nice christian guy, grandfather and he works as the maintenance manager of a large apartment complex just north of Charlotte in Huntersville North Carolina.


Jerry Baker is HVAC certified and guess what? His prices are the lowest I could find in the Charlotte area or anywhere for that matter ($40 for a service call, $25 per pound of refrigerant to recharge an ac system and $65 for a system tune-up). For ac service on two houses my bill came to under $200. If I had hired Brothers or Anderson heating the same bill would easily have been around $1,000 or more for the exact same service!

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He came right on time and did a wonderful job. He checked my ac system and recharged it. He then fully cleaned it out and it runs like new again. I had ice cold air instantly. Jerry Baker did an excellent job. I also had him do a service on a rental home for me. His prices are amazing – far lower than anything else you will find out there plus he doesn’t try to cram a new AC system down your throat like the techs at Brothers or Anderson will.

In a time now where most techs and big-name companies prefer to replace rather than repair, Jerry Baker is one of the few honest HVAC technicians left out there in the Charlotte NC area. If you need some AC service or similar I wouldn’t hesitate to call him (his number is (704)650-0992). I highly recommend him and he is definitely one of the few HVAC technicians out there that you can trust – he will not rip you off.

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