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Coppertone Sport Complaint – I got sunburned and there are horrible stains on my new track uniforms

I had a horrible experience with their product and company management.

We are a small school and worked hard to buy new track uniforms for our track team.  The day of our first track meet, I purchased Coppertone Sport Suncreen Continuous Spray 30spf Ultra Sweatproof for the team to use.

As instructed, they sprayed frequently.  The end results were horrible sunburns, some with water blisters, and stains all over our new uniform shirts.  The shirts are white Nike dri-fit.  Now they look like we smeared bad orange makeup all over them.

I called the parent company of the product and was immediately told that I should use Whink to get out the stain that a chemical reaction had occured.  When I stated how dissapointed I was in the company, the “advisor” was sypathetic but obviously could do nothing. 

So now we spend more money to fix what their useless product did to our shirts. The least they could have done was offered to send me a refund or a bottle of the Whink, which i cannot find anywhere near us.

By the way, not a word was said about the product allowing our kids to become fried like green tomatoes! Coppertone needs to take responsibility for their poor product, and harm it has caused to both their skin and new track uniforms.

I am very disappointed with my overall experience with Coppertone sport Sunscreen Will never buy Coppertone anything again. I make sure to tell all my friends the same. It is a worthless product and a poorly run company.

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