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Coppertone Sport Spray on Suntan Lotion Complaint – Their spray on lotion is a waste. Only about half of the spray actually gets on your skin

Never use Coppertone Sport Spray sunscreen. It is a waste of money.

So it’s spring break and a few of my buddies and I took a trip to Florida to hit up the beaches for a few days. We are from up North so our skin is very pale and sensitive. Sunscreen is definitely a must when we all go to the beach.

Usually we went with the traditional rub on sun tan lotion. However this time we saw Coppertone Sport Spray on Lotion. We thought it might be easier to apply than the traditional lotion so we decided to give it a try.

We brought it with us to the beach and brought it out right away before the sun got too high in the sky and burned us. I was the first to use it and I started spraying it on my arms and chest. I noticed a lot of the lotion wasn’t even getting on me, but rather just blowing away, or dissipating.

I was a bit surprise by the lack of accuracy of the spray gun and how broad the spray was so that it got everywhere, both on and off my skin. Regardless I finished applying to myself and passed it on to the rest of my friends.

Now keep in mind there was only four of us but by the time our third friend finished up applying his portion of the sunscreen the bottle ran out. How ridiculous is that. We paid $15 for spray on sunscreen and it doesn’t even have enough to apply more than 3 people. What a rip off.

My fourth friend was forced to go the day without any sunscreen on and was burnt really badly. It got to the point where he was getting burnt up so bad he had to seek shelter to keep away from the sun. Coppertone Sport Spray on Sunscreen is definitely a waste of money. I don’t recommend it to anyone. You are better off going with the traditional lotion, and rubbing it in the old fashion way.

One thought on “Coppertone Sport Spray on Suntan Lotion Complaint – Their spray on lotion is a waste. Only about half of the spray actually gets on your skin

  1. We use this spray as a family all the time and we have learned 2 things about it- buy it when it is on sale or in bulk at Costco or Sam’s club, and when it is windy, spray your hand and wipe it on. It really works great, but it is expensive. We will pay the extra to not have to deal with the lotion. It is a trade off. You have to realize that in a spray can, you are getting active ingredients that absorb UV rays. In a lotion, you are sometimes getting the mechanical ingredients. Like I said, we pay to not be the pasty person with white cream all over them. The only problem my family had is the the formulation changes all the time and my son is allergic to one of the active ingredients (octocrylene) which is sometimes in it, sometimes not. However, due the formulation changes, we have had a few “incidents.”

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