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Core Athletics sports facility review – A fantastic indoor batting cage facility

My son and I had a great experience at Core Athletics

My son is an avid baseball player, and just can’t ever seem to get enough baseball. In the summer time I take him up the the local park to throw, and hit. When the weather is nice it seems like we are down at the park at least 4 or 5 times a week. But I would rather have an indoor sports facility with a betting cage – that would just be so much nicer.

However, when the weather gets too cold to go outside to play ball we often have to stop playing during the winter. This was until I found this nice indoor batting cage facility in Concord, NC just a few miles past Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. When I told my son that we could try it out, he jumped for joy. He literally could not stop talking about it all week.

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Just the excitement of going to take some swings brightened his day, and whole week for that matter. I called ahead and booked us a time for that upcoming Saturday. I took one of his friends to give him some time to rest. Hitting non stop for an hour is a bit unrealistic and tiresome for a boy of only 12.

We pulled into the parking lot, and it looked like google maps had given us the wrong directions. The place had bars on the windows, and looked like an old brick factory building. We walked up the front entrance and saw the sign that said Core Athletics so I guess we we’re in the right place. Once we pulled a little closer to the door there was a sign that said old NC Armory. I guess that would explain the bizarre look on the outside.

The inside however was much nicer. The place was very clean, and they had 5 or 6 different cages inside available for use. I was glad I made the cage reservation because it was pretty busy that day. I’m guessing it was so busy because it was a Saturday. It seemed like this was a popular father-son activity for a cold Saturday afternoon. I spoke the man at the front desk and he got us all set up with the cage we we’re going to use.

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While my son and his friend were hitting I spent some time looking around at all the different things this place had to offer. I noticed in the back that there were two dirt pitching mounds in there too. I had never seen anything like it in a batting cage facility. Sometimes you would find some old wooden pitchers mounds, but dirt?!? I was impressed. If my son was a pitcher this would be a great place for him to practice over the winter.

Another thing I noticed was that they used real baseballs to hit there. Many indoor facilities use those bright yellow rubber cage balls. It just doesn’t compare to actually hitting a real baseball. After the hour went by the two kids were exhausted from all the swings they took. They both had to have taken over 200 swings each. We went back to the counter to pay, and found that the pricing was reasonable. It was $20 for the both of them for an hours time. Not too bad. I’ve seen places with prices jacked up much higher.

Overall I was very happy with my experience at the Core Athletics indoor batting cages. My son and his friend had a great time, the price was reasonable, and it was a clean and safe environment. I would definitely recommend this indoor sports facilty and batting cage place to any baseball lover looking to take some swings in the offseason.

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  1. I have been there before. It’s okay. I like to get outside to do my hitting. I guess during the cold winters month it could be an alternative to going outside.

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