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Corona Coronita tiny beers review – these little beers are just too small and for little girly men.

Corona Coronita tiny beers review - these little beers are just too small and for little girly men.
I bought these little Coronita beers the other night and feel as I've been duped or scammed.

I went to Wal-Mart late last night to do some shopping for some groceries and more.  Towards the end of my shopping I remembered that I was out of beer and I just then happened to pass these Coronita beers.  They look just like Corona beers, but being that it was late at night I didn’t look at the actual ounce or bottle size which is written really small on the side of the container.

I figured that these Coronitas were in fact a knockoff of the real Corona beer (kind of like Trader Joe’s Trader Jose Mexican beer).  Maybe this was a Wal-Mart version of it?  I didn’t know, but at $16.47 for a 24 pack, that sounded like a pretty good deal.  Then when I got home and opened it up to take one out I noticed that they were tiny bottles.

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I held one up to the light and saw that it was actually 7 ounces.  That’s almost half the size of a regular beer (12 oz.)  I was just because that means that if I wanted the same amount of beer that would normally come in a 24 pack of 12 ounce beers that would be almost $34!  I can easily go right now and go by a 24 pack of Corona beers for $20 at BJ’s Wholesale club.

I feel like I was scammed because the writing is so small on the container that you really can’t tell that these are teeny weeny bottles of beer until you get home.  Now that I know this I will never buy a Coronita or Corona (as this deceptive packaging was made by Corona) again.  When manufacturers make deceptive packaging and reduce the amount of product that you get it’s always with profits in mind.

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What the manufacturer of Corona beer did here was was create away to sell less product for more money and higher profits.  Yes, you could say that there’s a few individuals out there that might want half a beer, but just go into any bar and see if anyone there orders half a beer at the bar.  better yet ask any bartender or waitress if anyone comes up to them and asks them for half of a beer.

No body is out looking for half of a beer.  The only real reason to have a tiny size beer like this would be if they let you take it on an airplane, but I don’t see them as letting you take your own Coronita beer on a US Air or Southwest flight anytime soon.  Besides the folks that check your baggage and frisk you before you can ever get on the plane would confiscate those beers from you and drink them themselves – and don’t think they won’t (I have personally witnessed this while on the job at Charlotte Douglas airport.

It is of my sound opinion that this reduced size packaging is deceitful and profit conscious in nature and so I will never buy another Corona or Coronita Mexican beer and advise you to do the same.  Buy Trader Jose from Trader Joe’s instead.  It is half the price of Corona and actually tastes better.

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8 thoughts on “Corona Coronita tiny beers review – these little beers are just too small and for little girly men.

  1. Actually there is a reason for the small sized bottles. Here in Mexico in lots of places it’s around 100 degrees during most of the summer. This means that after you get a bottle from the fridge or from a cooler it’ll warm up within a couple of minutes. If you wanna drink cold beer the whole time, this is the solution.

  2. coronitas rock your socks – why cant u take credit for being less intelligent than the average person?

  3. Oh wow, EXACT same situation over here. Was at walmart and thinking “hey! they got a sale or coronas”. I barely noticed the “nita” ending…let alone the size difference. Had the box said “Half a bottle of beer” I’d have been walking the other way.

    Now I got a party tonight and have to get more beer. Not to mention explain my “recession beer”.

  4. You are so bloody stupid reviewer/s, to think u have been duped!! No wonder u Yanks are so bloody stupid. Coronitas have always been small Coronas, bloody imbeciles and idiots. And us Aussies don’t even get Coronitas in!!!

  5. Scammed? Seriously? You couldn’t’ tell just by looking that the bottles are smaller and contain less beer?

    You know, some people might like to be able to finish a bottle of beer before it gets hot without having to rip off a window-rattling burp (not just “girly men”. If you’re not one of them, pay attention, get some glasses or something. Dumbass!

    P.S. I haven’t seen any in awhile, but if you run across an 8 pack of Miller High Life for a great price, DO NOT BUY IT! It could be another scam. More likely though, it’s just some “ponies”.

  6. the coronitas are small because they are used to make Rona Rita’s its a margarita with a coronita you weren’t ripped off you just didn’t read the label your fault not coronas and you obviously have never hear of the drink. great summer and BBQ drinks when having friends over, look it up.

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