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Cracker Barrel Complaint – I found a hair in my food

There was a giant hair in my daughters food at Cracker Barrel.

My family was starting to get a little hungry on a road trip down to Georgia so we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way. Most of my experiences at Cracker Barrel have been great. In fact it is one of my favorite restaurants to go to. The food and service is always fantastic.

This time however, was a different story. We walked in grabbed a table right away. My wife always likes to stop and look at the trinkets in the gift shop on the way in, but she bolted past the shop and went right to the hostess stand to be seated. I knew she must have been hungry.

We hardly needed to look at the menu. We always got the same things just about every time. I guess you can say that we’re boring. I ordered my usually chicken fried chicken meal. While my wife and kids got breakfast like usual.

The food came out extra fast today which was fantastic, because we were all starved. We were about halfway through our meal when my daughter pointed something out to me. There was a giant hair in the bottom of her plate underneath here eggs. This was disgusting!

I immediately called over our server and showed her the hair, and she agree on how gross it was and kept apologizing for the mistake. She offered to make a new plate of food, but I declined I said the check would be just fine we’re leaving!

She came back with the check and even though it wasn’t her fault, she took my daughters meal off the bill. It was very nice of her, but still inexcusable non the less. For a hair that big to slip into someone’s food it had to be intentionally put there. That is just gross. I may think again before I stop at a cracker.

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