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Craigslist and the problems of hiring unlicensed contractors.

Craigslist and the problems of hiring unlicensed contractors
Be wary of hiring unlicensed and uninsured contractors and workers through Craigslist - it could come back to haunt you...

I am sure that by now someone has told you how you can hire cheap workers through your local craigslist and save a lot of money on projects on your house and other things. Lord knows I’ve done it. But what I am going to tell you now should alert you to be cautious.

Most the time these people that you hire through craigslist are not fully licensed. Even if they are and they are moonlighting for some extra side cash, they are not insured for your repairs. What that means is that if something goes wrong they will not repair it for free like normal licensed contractors will.

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Generally speaking, these craigslist contractors will do the repair and leave and take your cash. In most cases if something goes wrong they will charge you again to come out and fix it. If you don’t want to pay them and think that they should take care of that expense because they did it wrong they will not come out to your house.

You have to be careful with some of the work you do on your house and your car. For instance what if they were to mess up the brakes on your car and you ended up getting in an accident? Or see at what if they were working on your house or your roof and a feller got hurt in some manner? You would then be held responsible for these unlicensed and uninsured workers.

It has actually happened where the homeowner gets sued by the craigslist contractor or worker that they’ve hired because they got hurt on the job and they were not covered by their own insurance. You can be held liable for a lot of money. I found this out the hard way when a contractor that I hired off of my local craigslist here in Los Angeles California somehow broke his ankle or leg.

This individual left and said they would be okay. Then I did not hear from them for a few days. Next thing I was served at my door with a lawsuit from the local sheriff. I had to go and get an attorney (this cost several thousand dollars). What’s really interesting here is that the unlicensed contractor that I got from craigslist didn’t have to pay for their attorney at all – they found an attorney that would take their case on a contingency basis.

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They really didn’t have much of a case as it was their fault, but their attorney filed lawsuit anyway just to extort me for a quick settlement. After some time my attorney then inform you that the best decision would be for me to settle and to offer their side $10,000 plus all legal expenses.

I couldn’t believe that that occurred, but that’s why I’m telling you this right now through this website, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. You can still hire people off of craigslist, just be careful and make sure they’re insured and licensed. If they’re not your taking on a huge risk that could really come back to bite you like it did me.

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