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Craigslist seller sold me a fake Rolex watch complaint – be wary of sellers selling Rolex watches on Craigslist!

Craigslist seller sold me a fake Rolex watch complaint
Be wary of high quality fakes for sale out there on places like Craigslist!

I have owned several Rolex watches and consider myself a pretty good at spotting a fake Rolex. So when I saw a post on my local craigslist here in Atlanta Georgia were a gentleman was selling a Rolex submariner stating that he needed the money to support his family in this dire economy.

He posted several pictures of the watch that made it look very legit. When I met him to lookover and buy the watch we met in a bank parking lot of my choosing. The watch he showed me was exactly the same one that was in all the pictures in his post on Atlanta Craigslist.

Everything on the watch looked and felt right. The weight was right – this is an early indicator of cheap fakes from China and elsewhere. Cheap fakes are never made with solid steel bezels. The clasp was correct. The serial numbers were placed correctly. The movement was correct and even had the correct user embossed Rolex emblem at the six o’clock position on the crystal.

This watch checked out to be authentic to my well trained eyes. So I paid the man for the watch and thought I got a great deal on a Rolex submariner. All is fine and dandy for a few months until the watch stopped working.

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I took the watch to a local jewelry store that a friend of mine works at whom I know and trust and he specializes in Rolex and other Swiss watches. I showed him the watch and told him that it stopped working. So he told me the next day he would take it apart and see what was wrong with it and repair it for me.

The next day he called me and told me I had a high-quality fake Rolex watch. I wondered how they could be because I’ve always dealt with Rolex watches and I knew the fakes from the real ones. He said there are now Swiss made fake Rolex watches with real Swiss movements that have all the markings and the proper sizes and weights of the real thing.

He said it is impossible to tell the difference between a high quality Swiss made Rolex fake from the original unless you actually take the back off the watch and look at the internal mechanism. He said that’s the only way you can tell the difference. The mechanism inside the watch was not a Rolex mechanism.

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According to my friend one can buy these high quality fake Rolex watches for around $600 or so and they sell them in places like craigslist, Ebay and and market them as being the real thing. The seller of the fake Rolex watch then makes a 300% to 800% profit on the watch that they paid 500 or $600 for.

So if I were you and you’re looking to buy a Rolex watch or some other expensive Swiss made watch don’t rely on what you think might be a real Rolex watch. I thought I knew just about everything about Rolex watches and especially the submariner’s. Even I got duped by a counterfeit. At least I wasn’t duped that badly (I ended up paying the guy $1400 for the watch), but I’m sure there are other people out there that get duped horribly on these high quality fake Rolex watches.

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  1. Don’t go buying Rolex watches on Craigslist! If you want a real Rolex go to a real, reputable jeweler or watch store. Lesson learned.

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