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Crest 3D WhiteStrips teeth whitening review – this teeth whitening kit didn’t whiten my yellow teeth.

Crest 3D whitestrips teeth whitening review
I bought the highly touted Crest 3D whitestrips teeth whitening kit and it did nothing for my yellow teeth!


I have seen all the advertisements for the new Crest 3D WhiteStrips teeth whitening system or kit. I have teeth with some yellowing in them so I decided to give the Crest teeth whitening kit a try. I had previously heard good things about their whitestrips tooth whitening kits.

So I bought it with a coupon that I found in the local newspaper for seven dollars off – that is deathly not a coupon to sneeze at. So I went and used the teeth whitening kit and followed the directions to a T. after several weeks I did not see any results whatsoever.

I was disappointed. I mean I had watched numerous TV commercials and more on this teeth whitening product and how people have received great results after just a few days of treating their teeth with this product. But I seem to have had actually know improvement in the yellowing of my teeth.




I even tried using other toothpastes along with the kit thinking that maybe some other toothpastes might better clean my teeth prior to treating them with the Crest WhiteStrips. Nothing I did seem to work. So until a research and I found out that I had taken tetracycline as a child for acne.

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Apparently this tetracycline causes yellowing of the teeth that may or may not be able to be removed by teeth whitening kits. In most cases tetracycline stained teeth need a doctor’s teeth whitening treatment, not a store-bought kit like Crest WhiteStrips is. The difference is that tetcycline causes yellowing deep within the tooth enamel and Crest 3D White strips is more of an external treatment.

So they are not effective at all as I found on badly stained and yellow teeth. I instead had my teeth whitened by my dentist for $350 and they are white as snow now. I found the Crest whitestrips to not work at all in my case. Maybe this tooth whitening kit is more for very minimal yellowing and similar stains. It is definitely not for really yellow teeth – like in my case.

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