Criminal law and criminal charges in Atlanta – if you’ve been charged with a crime you need attorney Ann Marie Fitz of the Federal Law Group to represent you.

Criminal law and criminal charges in Atlanta and why you need attorney Ann Marie Fitz

I was facing numerous felony charges and attorney Ann Marie Fitz got them all dismissed!

Have you been charged with a crime in Atlanta Georgia? Are you facing serious jail time? Felonies? You need a good lawyer on your side that specializes in getting cases completely dismissed not just reduced. I found this out not too long ago as I was facing all sorts of serious charges and then Attorney Ann Marie Fitz of the Fedral Law Group here in Atlanta Georgia whom specializes in criminal law and all sorts of criminal charges got involved.

I knew from the get-go that I had the correct lawyer for my case. Lawyer Ann Marie Fitz was sharp and persistant. She never wavered in her stance and what she said. She told me point blank that she specializes in getting charges dismissed not reduced. That was her own words and her promise to me.

I come from a background and family where a person’s promise and their trust means everything. I had serious criminal charges that I was facing and I needed a specialist in criminal law. Lawyer Ann Marie Fitz was not cheap, but she was definitely the right lawyer and in my opinion the best lawyer for the job.

She handled the case beautifully and in the end the charges were dismissed on technicalities and police screwups. You see, even if you’re guilty and caught point-blank, the police still and always do screw up something. They’re not perfect and all it takes is a great attorney like lawyer Ann Marie Fitz whom knows the criminal law and state and federal statutes better then anyone else to change things in your favor.

The assistant district attorney who was handling the case on the prosecution side got really mad with us and the fact that my lawyer, Ann Marie Fitz, was able to uncover a bunch of police screwups that ended up or resulted in all my charges being dismissed. Oh well, it sucks to be them.

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I do know that if I hadn’t had a great lawyer well-versed in criminal law and getting criminal charges dropped or dismissed that identify would have faced some serious felony charges, convictions and serious jail time. Because I had the right lawyer I was able to get all of my charges dismissed and I’m very thankful for that.

If you need a great criminal law attorney that specializes in getting criminal charges dismissed then you definitely need to give attorney Ann Marie Fitz of the Federal Law Group a call – I am glad I made that call. She is the best criminal law lawyer in Atlanta Georgia bar none – and besides, she’s pretty to look at too!

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  • Maire Furna says:

    I was charged with some crimes out here in Portland Oregon. Can you recommend an attorney out here that would be as effective? I would love to get my charges dismissed and especially if the attorney was low cost.

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