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Crocs shoes and Croc knockoffs at CVS and Target – a review and which is better!

Croc knockoffs at Target and CVS
10 years ago Crocs shoes didn’t even exist. A few years ago they made it big time and were featured in all kinds of news shows and programs, magazines, the news, self help programs and even the Oprah show. They were an ugly looking shoe, but they were darned comfortable and it became the next new fad.

You can go to your local shoe store or retailer that sells Nike and Reebok and more and usually find Crocs there. Most crocs are $25 and some are $35. The higher prices usually the outdoor or hiking version. I have not seen any knockoffs of the higher priced version as of yet, but there are plenty of the regular Crocs.

Most knockoffs at places like Wal-Mart and such are cheap, ill fitting and don’t last as long as the originals. I know this because I’ve had the originals and I’ve had some cheap knockoffs like the ones at Wal-Mart. The cheap knockoffs don’t fit as well, can cause chafing and even stink due to the fact that all have the same antimicrobial compounds as the original Crocs shoes do.

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But in my searches I did find two places that you can buy knockoffs that are made of a very high quality similar to that of the original Crocs. This would be at CVS and Target. Now these two are much cheaper as Targets I paid $12 for a men’s size 12. At CVS I paid seven dollars for a men’s size 12. Both were nice and constructed of the exact same materials in the original Crocs.

They both wore great and lasted just as long as the original crocs did, just the CVS pair looked more trendy and I liked it better than the pair from target. Both pairs were a far better deal than the $25 for the originals. Now the biggest difference was neither target nor CVS had a great selection of colors like the original did. Target had two callers to choose from for men and that was blue and black.

CVS had red, blue, black and brown.  I would assume that in due time, probably like the next year or so, these same stores will have the off road, outdoor or hiking version in a knockoff.  When they do I will definitely buy that because I think that one looks cool – I’m just not going to pay the $35 price tag for originals.  I believe in saving every penny possible and never paying any more than I have to.  As long as the quality, the fit and look is the same who cares who made it.

They may come from China or India or Bangladesh for that matter, but the coolest thing is I got them for under $10.  If you’re looking to buy a pair of Crocs and be sure and check out CVS and Target and look at their Croc knockoffs.  They will definitely save you some money and they are just as good as the originals – believe me I put them to the test and have worn these Croc knocks for several years and fully recommend them, unlike the ones at Wal-Mart.

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