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Crown Honda car dealership Review – They will not stop harassing me

Crown Honda won't stop harassing me!

I had a problem with my car about 6 months ago and took it to Crown Honda on Independence blvd. in Charlotte NC. They did a good job taking care of my problem, and did it in a fairly expedient fashion. I have not had any problems with that particular issue since.

However since I took my car to Crown Honda they won’t stop harrassing me with phone calls, emails, or letters in the mail. I answered the calls the first few times to be polite, but it has become a weekly occurrence and it is getting extremely annoying.

The last time I picked up the phone when they had called I was abruptly greeted by a woman who instantly started grilling me with questions about my car and that I needed to bring it in for maintenance.

Angerly I told her my car is doing just fine and I don’t need any mantenance right now. However she was persistent and tried to get me schedule an appointment to have my car checked out for no reason.

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I tried to explain that I didn’t need any service done on my car and I would contact them if I did. She just wasn’t having any of it, though. I had to get off the phone with her so I told her this wasn’t a good time and hung up.

I am tired of being bombarded with calls from Crown Honda and wish they would just leave me alone. I shouldn’t have given them any of my information! It was a huge mistake. Next time they call trying to harass me, I’m going to tell them I sold my car, and that I now take the bus.

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