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Crystal View Chemicals headlight cleaner scam

I heard from a friend about this headlight cleaner kit. I didn’t know previously that they existed until he told me. He told me to search Google for the keywords headlight cleaner. When I did this website ( popped up as the first search result. I read their website and they say they have the best product of its kind. They also stated about their lifetime warranty – sounded good along with the reviews they had posted on the site so I decided to give it a try.

It was $23.96 for the kit and it said free shipping and handling. That made it easy to make the choice to buy the headlight cleaner kit from Crystal View Chemicals. I paid with PayPal and then waited for the kit to arrive. When it got to be 3 weeks I started to get worried. I tried to contact them through the Contact page on their website and got no reply. It was a little strange that there was no listing of their address or any phone number with which I could contact them.
Here is what the Crystal View Chemicals headlight cleaning kit looks like that I bought off their website – the product is a scam and does not work at all! I am not the only one saying this – look them up at the BBB and see their rating of F!

Anyway, I was happy when I received the kit and look forward to using it to clear the cloudy headlights on my Honda Passport truck. The headlights were once clear, but over the years they took on this cloudy, rough surface and even started turning yellow. This made my otherwise nice looking truck look rather sad and ugly. I, once a month or so, took a lot of time and effort to wash and wax my vehicle. I also make sure my truck is well maintained. I never miss an oil change and I regularly get the oil changed every 3500 miles as the sticker the car dealer puts in my car says to do.

So I opened up the kit from Crystal View Chemicals and followed all the directions exactly. Guess what happened? There was absolutely no change in the look or cloudy appearance of my truck’s headlight lenses. Actually, if you were to ask me, I would have to say they actually looked a little bit worse. the cloudiness was a little bit worse after I treated my truck’s plastic headlight lenses with the kit from Crystal View Chemicals.

I tried numerous times to get in touch with the people at Crystal View Chemicals through their website ( I then found an address for warranty claims on their website instructions page. I wrote to them several times and I never ever got a single reply. That should tell you one thing – Crystal View Chemicals is a scam. They offer this product and claim to have a lifetime warranty. Yet they don’t return emails or contact through their website or through their warranty department.

Here is the address for their supposed lifetime warranty department where no one ever wrote me back, called me or emailed me – not one person ever contacted me back and it has been several months.

As stated on their website – Send Warranty claims to:
Crystal View Chemicals, Inc.,
8520 Via Romana #1
Boca Raton, FL 33496

Here is their contact information as listed with the Better Business Bureau (where they have a rating of F, by the way):
Crystal View Chemicals Inc
(954) 423-1874
8520 Via Romana, #1, Boca Raton, FL 33496-4318

Best Headlight Restoration

I tried to open a dispute on PayPal but it was too late. Crystal View Chemicals took so long to ship out my item that the time to report a complaint or open a dispute had run out. Since I used a debit card to make the purchase I couldn’t file a charge-back.

Basically, it looks like I got screwed by this scam company, Crystal View Chemicals and their website I have since done a little researching and looked their business up at the Better Business Bureau (Crystal View Chemicals BBB report.) Wouldn’t you know it they are rated as a capital F! Several other people had the same complaint I did – they don’t honor their warranty and they sell a crappy product.

In other words they are a scam. I talked to a friend of mine whom is a big SEO guy and he said the best thing I could do is log into Google and block them. He said that blocking of a scam like the website will be taken into account by the algorithms at Google and if enough people do it they will rank much lower or even be removed from the Google search listings. So, I blocked them and you should too. Just log into your Google account. If you don’t have one it only takes seconds to register with Google.

Then go and add their website ( to your blocked list, state why you are blocking it (it’s a scam, check the Crystal View Chemicals BBB rating if you haven’t done so already) and be sure and tell all your friends and coworkers about this website scam so that they don’t get taken like I did and to get the word out. Block them now and feel piece of mind that you are helping to eradicate a true scam.

I am mad that I got taken by this online scam website of theirs (, but I will get my revenge. Everywhere I go I will tell people to block their site from their Google accounts. Eventually they will fall out of the Google index when Google sees the overwhelming evidence that they are a scam.

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