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CVS Minute Clinic in Northeast Atlanta GA review – quick and easy diagnosis and low cost health care.

CVS Minute Clinic in Northeast Atlanta GA review
I and my boyfriend went to the CVS minute clinic here in North Atlanta and were pleasantly surprised with the great treatment and low price!

I was sick with some kind of coughing – illness crap for over a week when I finally had enough and decided to go to the local CVS minute clinic here in North Atlanta Georgia.

Cvs Minute Clinic-Virginia-Highland
865 N Highland Avenue
Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306
(866) 389-2727

My boyfriend and I don’t have health insurance and doctors are just too expensive. The last time we went to a doctor it was $275 for a routine visit and then everyone stared at us and treated us weird because we are gay. It isn’t like were outlandish or anything. We are just two guys in a monogamous relationship that are in love with each other. We don’t do any PDA (public display of affection) so I don’t know why people have to stare at us.

But being that my boyfriend was recently laid off from his job and we have a very limited budget plus the bad treatment we got at the last doctor’s office we went to, I wasn’t going to go to a doctor’s office this time. I had heard from this girl Carrie that I know that the CVS minute clinic is quick, easy and cheap. So we decided to give it a try.

I had never previously been to a CVS minute clinic, but once we got there it really wasn’t that bad. There was no one in line and always I had to do was enter my information on this little computer kiosk thing and it told me to have a seat and that my wait would be 15 minutes or so.

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About five minutes later this really nice lady came out and took us into her office. She asked me some routine questions and then took my blood pressure, pulse and checked my eyes, nose and throat. She then told me that I had bronchitis and that she was going to give me a prescription for generic antibiotics and a narcotic cough syrup so that I could sleep at night and get some much needed rest.

That was it. We were in and out faster than any doctor’s visit I’ve ever seen. Usually at a doctor’s office I have found myself waiting for over an hour even if I have an appointment I made several weeks prior. Here at the CVS Minute Clinic we were in and out in less then 25 minutes and the bill – something like $59. That’s far better than what doctors offices charge.

The generic prescription for the antibiotics cost four dollars to fill at Wal-Mart. So the total of my visit with the prescription drugs was under $70. Within two days I was feeling much better so the nurse practitioner I saw at the CVS MInute Clinic correctly diagnosed what I had and I am all better now. I also feel great that I didn’t rack up any huge medical expenses or bills as could easily happen at a doctors office.

The nurse practitioner that we saw was very professional and nice. There was no staring by other patients or staff as there was at the last doctors office we went to. I felt very comfortable and relaxed here – much more so then at the doctors office. I highly recommend this CVS minute clinic here in Atlanta.

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