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CVS Minute Clinic walk in clinic review – quick and easy healthcare located right inside the CVS pharmacy!

cvs minute clinic walk in clinic review
I went to the local CVS minute clinic and was impressed with their quick service.

I had been sick with the flu for almost 2 weeks and it turned into bronchitis and sinusitis. I have had both of these before and they are rather nasty and last a long time. Being that my doctor’s office was closed for the holidays and the only option for either a urgent care center or the emergency room I instead opted for the CVS minute clinic.

Normally when I go to my personal doctor’s office, even though I have a pre-scheduled appointment, I always end up waiting a good hour and a half to get in to see them. But I found that the CVS minute clinic there was no wait. Being that it was just a routine illness I gave them a chance to treat it.

They have a nurse practitioner that checks you over and can then prescribe you medications and treatments for your condition. They are rather quick when compared to a regular doctor’s office visit. Plus they are also much cheaper apparently. Now I have insurance so I don’t have to pay for it, but if you didn’t the CVS minute clinic is $69 for a visit and consultation.

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This is cheap when you compare it to a regular doctor’s office which can average between $125 and $150. They also had it posted besides the CVS pharmacy that they give flu shots and other similar services. I actually think they do a more thorough check over then my regular doctor’s office does.

They check your blood pressure and everything. Apparently my blood pressure is very good as it was 118 over 75. Or learn this month I had taken my blood pressure with the automatic machine at Wal-Mart and it told me that my blood pressure was high. The nurse practitioner laughed when I told her that – she said that the automatic machines at Wal-Mart are not very accurate at all.

Anyway, so the nurse practitioner gave me a prescription for amoxicillin (an antibiotic) to treat the bacterial infection in my sinus cavities and a cough medication so that I could sleep at night. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes and that is a marked improvement on my regular doctor’s office.

My regular doctor’s office is not a walk in clinic like the CVS minute clinic, but you would think if you make an appointment several weeks beforehand that he would be seen promptly. That is not the case. Instead, the walk in clinic located inside the CVS pharmacy was far better at this.

If you are sick and need to see a doctor, the minute clinic inside CVS is a great alternative. It’s much faster and costs a lot less.

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3 thoughts on “CVS Minute Clinic walk in clinic review – quick and easy healthcare located right inside the CVS pharmacy!

  1. I would not recommend!!! My husband and I took both our kids there and ended up waiting an hour and half to get in. I could have walked in my normal clinic and got in faster than that. And we still ended up oweing $100.00.. I will never use them again!! Plus they were not very helpful.

  2. Would not recommend Minute Clinic to anyone. I went there on a Wednesday was prescibed a Z-Pack that was doing nothing for me but making me sick to my stomach. I called back on Friday to tell them this and they wanted me to pay another $79 to come back in to be looked at or they won’t change my medication. Are you kidding me so I either pay again or continue to take something that is making me throw up and giving me bad diaherra. What a joke!!!!

  3. I went to the CVS minute clinic in Callahan, Fl. I came home
    from a long day of work of seeing my own patients and found my daughter to have pus in her eye. It was a Friday night at 7:05, so I rushed 3 miles up the road to get her to the minute clinic.
    I got there at 7:14, entered all of her information, and had the clinician come out and tell me she couldn’t be registered because they close at 7:30. I said, “It isn’t 7:30 and the computer has taken all of the information I have entered.” She kept repeating over and over that they close at 7:30. I am a physician assistant, and I NEVER turn a patient away especially one that shows up 15 min before closing. I was willing to
    Do it the right way, use my insurance, and see a provider rather than just call in a prescription myself.
    It is obvious the clinicians work not for patient care but just for the hour.
    Getting home is more important than seeing a child in front of you with pus oozing out of her eye.
    I will never go to CVS again. I want someone who cares about patients not
    A pay check.

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