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Cytogainer review – A Great Supplement for Gaining Muscle

I have seen great results from using Cytogainer

I’ve been in the gym a lot recently to try to bulk up a little over the winter time, and I have been having problems gaining weight. I’ve always been a thin, wiry guy and have had problems putting on substantial muscle mass.

I don’t know very much about workout supplements and haven’t used much protein or anything else for that matter to go along with working out. So I decided to ask one of my close friends who is a personal trainer what would be something good for me to take to put on some size. He recommended I try a protein supplement called Cytogainer.

So I went to GNC with him to pick it up and try it. I was a little nervous at first to use it since I’ve never really been on any proteins before. I started taking it after working out and I noticed results almost immediately. After about two weeks I already started to see small increases in my size and weight. It was really motivating to see my hard work start to pay off.

It also tastes pretty good for a protein shake. It makes drinking the shakes a lot easier because of the smooth taste. The shakes are also very filling. I sometimes use them as a meal replacer, or make smaller sized shakes for between meal snacks. This really helps with my calorie intake because the shakes are so calorie dense.

The only complaint I have about the product is that it is really high in cholesterol, and it sometimes keeps me up at night. I notice on days that I drink the shakes I have trouble falling asleep at night. Once I fall asleep I’m fine, but just falling asleep can sometimes be a problem.

I have been using the product for about two months now and I have to say that it is really helping. I have gained about eight pounds and I feel I am noticeably bigger too. It has not only helped me physically, but also helped boost my self-esteem. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who is trying trying to put on some muscle.

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  1. I prefer to drink lots of milk. I find that milk does the body good and its easy to drink and cheap. If I need more protein I drink more milk. The more milk I drink the bigger and stronger I drink so I keep drinking the milk.

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