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Dairy Queen ice cream tastes like cardboard!

I wanted some good ice cream yesterday and it was a craving that just came out of no where – this was probably due to my period hopefully coming soon (as of today it still hasn’t come so I hope I am not in trouble). Anyways, so I drove by this Dairy Queen on JFK Blvd. on my way into the city to meet a good friend of mine in Chinatown. I just had to have some ice cream and so I stopped and went inside.

Dairy Queen
6903 John F Kennedy Boulevard West
North Bergen, NJ
(201) 869-0910

DQ Blizzard review and complaint
I had a craving for some really good ice cream. I ordered a DQ Blizzard and was sorely disappointed.

I ended up ordering the DQ Blizzard with M&Ms in it. It looked pretty good. I paid and went out to my car. When I had my first spoonful it tasted like cheap, fake ice cream that you would get at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Dairy Queen is supposed to be known for having great ice cream. This stuff sucked. It reminded me the fake stuff McDonald’s used to serve when I was a kid with little bits of ice in it.

You could tell by its taste that it wasn’t even real ice cream. It tasted like liquid cardboard and was full of air and little pieces of ice. Other then for the M&Ms it was rather bland and tasteless. I don’t understand how anyone can like this Dairy Queen ice cream that is virtually tasteles. The DQ Blizzard I had here in Manhattan tasted like crap. Today when I told people this and then showed them my DQ blizzard they were like – “Wow!”

Normally you hear these people talking about “Dairy Queen” and they think they gotta love it. But now after they saw and tasted my tasteless and nasty DQ Blizzard they won’t be going back to Dairy Queen anytime in the near future I can pretty much guarantee you that! Go do this yourself – Put Dairy Queens nasty and tasteless ice cream up against some real ice cream like Breyers and you’ll see what I mean. YUCK!

You can pretty much bet yourself that was the last time I will ever venture into a Dairy Queen.

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