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Dallas criminal attorney John Teakell review – he got all my charges dismissed!

Dallas Criminal attorney John Teakell review
John Teakell got all my criminal charges dropped!


I guess you can kind of say I grew up on the wrong side of the train tracks. I grew up in what could be considered the ghetto. My mother was rarely home and I have no idea who my father was or is. At a young age I got involved with a local gang here in Dallas Texas. And you probably know the rest of the story. I got arrested, faced numerous felonies and then I got Dallas criminal attorney John Teakell.

Until I had him as my criminal defense attorney things didn’t look good at all. I was in jail and the cops had me charged with embezzlement, carrying a firearm, alluding police, possession of narcotics, etc… If you asked anyone they would’ve told you I was by looking at 10+ years in jail.

But John Teakell was different. He started looking at things from the perspective of what the police did wrong. He looked at the law and made the law work for me and my case. I had talked to other attorneys before hiring him, but none of them gave me the sense of assurance that Teakell did.




My mother’s friend told me that John Teakell was the best Dallas criminal attorney and they were right. He was able to get every single charge against me dropped. That’s a lot of charges and I did no jail time for any of them. But when it was over, make no mistake, John Teakell also took the time to set me straight.

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He told me that if I continued on the path that I was on with my gang and other nefarious individuals that I hung out with that I would get arrested again and the next time I would be doing some serious time. John Teakell was not cheap either, but I must say he was worth every penny of his fees.

I don’t think any other Dallas criminal attorney could have done what he did and gotten all of the charges dropped on police technicalities and screwups. I can definitely say this, if you’re in Dallas and you need a criminal defense attorney then you deaf only need to give John Teakell a call.

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  1. I get what you are saying. I used a different lawyer, but a great lawyer can definitely result in a better outcome like you had. You would never have had all your charges dropped if you had a public defender. A good criminal attorney can easily make all the difference.

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