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Dandelion Root Tea – Could It Really Be The Miracle Cure For Cancer We’ve Been Waiting For?

Dandelion root tea

Dandelion root tea

If you haven’t heard yet, there is groundbreaking cancer research going on right now in Europe, Canada and Australia. What’s really interesting is that all of the research evolves around a weed that commonly grows in everybody’s lawn – the dandelion. In particular it has to do with the roots of the dandelion plant.

In the research the scholars are using both extracts and tea made solely from the dandelion root. And what they found is amazing. A simple tea made from ground up or crushed dandelion root is more effective at treating all types of cancer and retarding cancerous growth then chemotherapy and radiation combined.

The best part is there’s absolutely no side effects. As everyone knows chemotherapy and radiation kill both cancerous cells and healthy cells and have very negative side effects from nausea to weight loss and hair loss and general malaise and sickness. There are people out there now that have stage III and stage IV breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer and other cancers that are so sick of having to go through chemo and radiation treatments that they’ve decided it’s better to just not do it and die peacefully without the terrible side effects.

Some patients have even stated that the chemotherapy and radiation side effects were worse than the actual cancer. While researchers are seeing now is that treatment with the dandelion root causes cancers to go into remission, patients feel better, they don’t lose their hair, and they don’t get depressed. They also don’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for expensive treatments. Even if you’re covered by insurance your insurance company pays an arm and a leg for these treatments with chemotherapy and radiation which means ever increasing insurance costs.

But now they found that the dandelion root is more effective and the only cost is the time it takes you to make tea out of it. That’s it. You can either grow your own dandelion plants and I recommend not growing them in the lawn but instead growing them in a Planters box or a pot. If you don’t want to grow dandelions you can purchase dandelion root either ground up or in whole form in bulk over the Internet.

Pound of dandelion root can be bought either free roasted or non-roasted and it goes for about $15-$20 a pound with free shipping. That’s enough to make tea for one person for many many months. A huge difference when you equate that to the cost of chemotherapy or radiation treatments or both. It’s not a disgusting tasting tea and if you like you can combine it like I do with a bag of green tea from your local store like Walmart.

I usually shave a little bit of dry dandelion root or clip some fresh dandelion root and add it to a cop along with a bag of green tea or if I’m getting ready for bed chamomile tea. Sometimes I’ll add a little spoonful of honey to it to give it some extra flavor. And I find every day I take this dandelion root tea I feel better and better. So, do yourself a favor, and read up more about dandelion root and dandelion root tea and the tremendous health benefits associated with it and the research and clinical trials that are going on now in Canada, Europe and Australia.

For more great information on dandelion root tea and its amazing health benefits watch this great video:

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