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I use a lot of toner and ink cartridges for my business and I save a ton by ordering my cartridges from!

I have a home-based business where I sell products through eBay and other online avenues have done this for years. One of the biggest concerns I have is I end up printing out a lot of forms, receipts, records and more and I go through a lot of printer ink and toner cartridges.

Over time this quickly adds up to a lot of money especially if you were to go and buy printer or toner cartridges at local stores like Best Buy, OfficeMax or Office Depot. I have an HP 1020 laserjet that I’ve had for several years. The reason why have this exact printer is because it allows me to use reloaded toner cartridges without the use of a new chip.

Lots of prayers nowadays require a check and will only allow you to print so many papers per toner cartridge. So even if you have one third of your cartridge left because you didn’t print out ink heavy pages (lots of words, fat fonts and graphics) you still have to replace the cartridge because the chip is telling the unit that you’re out of ink even though you’re not.

That’s wasteful. Only the HP 1020 and few others do not have these chips that record the number of pages that you print per toner cartridge. But regardless of what kind of printer years I have found the ultimate solution. The is an online website that offers every make and model of printer cartridge or toner cartridge.

And their prices are the lowest that I’ve found anywhere. You might be able to find something a little bit lower by like a dollar or two on eBay or, but what you’ll end up receiving is a use toner cartridge or similar printer cartridge that yields a grainy print. For business purposes you can’t use that as it would make you look unprofessional.

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I have never been able to purchase a good quality toner cartridge off of eBay – every time that I have ever purchased a toner cartridge through any seller on eBay is a poorly refilled and low-quality cartridge. I have never had this problem with Databazaar. Each and every toner cartridges that I receive from them works just as good as the ones that I can purchase for four times the price at Best Buy, OfficeMax and Office Depot.

I don’t see any reason to pay four times more just to receive the exact same quality from a store like Best Buy or OfficeMax or Office Depot. I prefer to save a ton on my printing needs and go tthe Databazaar website. I have been using Databazaar now for over 4 years and I go through a toner cartridge every one to two weeks. Wih Datbazaar I literally save thousands of dollars every year on my printing needs for my online business.

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