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Decision Points by George Bush review – not much truth in there from the former president and a lot is left unanswered.

Decision Points book by George Bush review

Well, George Bush Jr. has come out with a new book. Maybe he needed money to help finance his purchase of the water supply in other countries (yes, that is where a good bit of the Bush monies are going right now – maybe they know something they don’t want anyone else to know like the fact that our aquafiars are running low and the worlds resources of clean fresh water are running out, but of course you’re not supposed to know that – they don’t want the public to know that).

Anyway, so George Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, came to Charlotte NC to sign copies of this book and try make themselves look good in front of the Rev. Billy Graham. Maybe that would help hide his years of deception and deceit and lies and more, but I don’t think so those of us that know what’s going on what he did know the fact that he is a well-known liar and worse (much worse).

So if you read the book decision point, nowhere will you see that talks about the truth behind 9/11 and the fact that it was definitely inside job. There is no way it could have been and there’s also no way that President Bush at that time could not have known that it was an inside job and what was going on. He also conveniently was not in the White House at that time and was in a school children’s classroom.

This is so convenient it is an actual mirror of what his father George Bush Sr. did during the JFK assassination – he was conveniently not in the area after the assassination. Both were heavily involved though and everyone is starting to figure that out. The Bush family is not a legacy of decisions and trust and the American way. It is more a legacy of deceit, murder, treason, theft and more.

Just ask Geroge Bush and his cohort Dick Cheney about the fact that there was no plane debris at all found at the Pentagon after it was hit supposedly by a plane. And why did the FBI and CIA and so on and so forth have to go around and confiscate all of the video footage from every local area business? They would only have to do this if they’re covering up the fact that it was not a plane and was instead a missile that hit the pentagon. This was just another inside job that occurred during George Bush’s presidency.

So let’s do the tally here. Laura Bush caused a classmates death when she was 16 years old. She ran a stop sign or red light and broadsided him killing him instantly. If you or I did that that would be called manslaughter and you would have done jail time. But since she came from a very famous and wealthy family (Welch) she of course didn’t have to face any of that and was never charged with anything – she wasn’t even given a ticket for running a stop sign or red light.

Then you have to add to that George Bush Senior and his role along with the CIA, Nixon, L.B. Johnson and numerous others in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Yes, George Bush Jr., we know of your father’s involvement in this and your family needs to stop denying their knowledge of this.

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Then you have 9/11 and the murder, yes it is murder when it’s an inside job by your government that ends up in the deaths of over 5000 innocent Americans. Why did they do this for two reasons that we know of and there’s probably more that we don’t. The first reason was to get the patriot act approved and passed through Congress so the government could take away more of your civil liberties and gain more control of the United States.

The second reason was to cover up $2.3 trillion shortfall in the defense budget by properly targeting that section of the Pentagon that held all of the financial records and computers pertinent to that $2.3 trillion shortfall. Mr. president that is murder and that is treason.

What a legacy the Bush family leaves. And then that’s not to mention all the screw ups in the voting process in Florida that were caused by Jeb Bush, President Bush’s brother. The reality behind the vote in Florida was that President Bush actually lost the vote. Al Gore won. It was still close but Al Gore won.

I don’t know what the wheeling and dealing was between George Bush and Al Gore to get Al Gore to drop his investigation of this, but it must’ve been pretty substantial. And since then Al Gore won on to position himself to make billions and possibly even trillions of dollars off of the idea of global warming and carbon credits – maybe George Bush and his cronies had some helping with this.

But you will see that none of this is mentioned in his book decision points. What decisions does he list in his book? Ones that no one cares about. Ones that didn’t result in deaths other than those due to the “war” in the Middle East which you can also be directly attributed to him.

I think someone needs to create a follow-up to this book where the truth actually comes out. And the title needs to be renamed from Decision Points to a Plethora of Deception and possibly even murder and treason in the United States. It still amazes me that if someone assaults or kill someone they will be sent to jail for a long time. But if your last name is Bush or Welch or similar that’s not the case. They can get away with murder, treason of the highest order and more.

Is this fair absolutely not. Someday, as happens with everyone, we all die and regardless of what your religion and beliefs are you all face our Creator and the decisions and actions of our lives. It is at that time when the Bush family will greatly regret the legal and horrible actions their family committed or at least participated in and had full knowledge of that resulted in the wrongful and untimely deaths of thousands of people.

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I can’t see or understand why Rev. Billy Graham would give an audience to George Bush and his wife knowing the events that have occurred in the past with the Bush family. There is no way someone with the power, presence and respect of Rev. Billy Graham could not know about these things.

It is of my opinion and that of many other knowledgeable people that this book by George Bush entitled decision points is a complete waste of time and full of half truths at best. It is just another fabrication and story full of lies by one of the world’s best liars George Bush. You are best advised to forgo this book and instead get the truth. Start watching shows like Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theory were they actually prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a missile and not a plane hit the Pentagon.

Remember the saying, the truth shall set you free? Search Google and the internet under the keywords “George Bush Treason”, “9/11 inside job”, “pentagon hit by missile”, etc… Search for the truth because there isn’t much of it in this book by George Bush.

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  1. Forget Bush and forget his book full of lies “Decision Points”, instead read a BANNED book like “America Deceived II” by E.A. Blayre III.

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