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Demarini Vexxum 2011 Review – this BBCOR baseball bat is terrible compared to last years BESR edition

This years version of the Demarini Vexxum was disappointing

As a college baseball player I get my options of a few different team purchased bats to use every year. In the past the NCAA has allowed bats with a BESR certification, but this year they have moved to a new BBCOR baseball bat standard which is supposed to reduce ball exit speed off the bat.

My bat of choice in previous years has always been the Demarini Vexxum. I have had many successful seasons using the Demarini Vexxum, and assumed this years model would be just as good even with the new baseball bat standards in college baseball.

As our spring season is getting underway I pulled out the new Demarini Vexxum in batting practice to try it out. Aesthetically the bat was very easy on the eye. I just couldn’t wait to see how it hit in practice. I expected some good results.

After a few swings the first thing I noticed was the sound off the bat was different. It didn’t have that loud ping like most other metal bats have. It had more of a thud sound. It wasn’t very appealing to the ear. Even when you hit a ball square as well as you can hit it, the sound just wasn’t rewarding. At least with even a wood bat you get a rewarding crack of the bat when you know you squared up a pitch.

Not only did the bat sound bad, but the results weren’t great either. Balls that I have hit in the past that I knew would have been a home run in batting practice bounced two or three times before it rolled to the fence. The Demarini Vexxum really restricted ball flight, and exit speed off the bat.

College baseball might be changing as we know it this year. With the change to the BBCOR bats the game will have fewer home runs and scores much lower. The game is definitely changing in favor of the pitching. As far as safety things are changing for the better, but as a hitter it is changing for the worst. The Demarini Vexxum was disappointing in 2011. I will have to look for a new bat to use this year.

13 thoughts on “Demarini Vexxum 2011 Review – this BBCOR baseball bat is terrible compared to last years BESR edition

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  3. Baseball bats are for little girls. Real men use golf clubs. Get with the program dumbass or go back to listening to your Milli Vanilli cassette tapes.

  4. BaseballFan, you must be the only ‘college player’ in the world that waited until spring practice to try the new bbcor bats.

  5. It’s not the specific bat, it’s BBCOR. You’re not going to find any difference in any other BBCOR bat. At this point, the NCAA and NFHS should just go back to wood bats and get rid of all this nonsense about technology designed to undo the benefits of technology. It’s like having a car-race where you want cars to only go as fast as they did in 1950. So, instead of using 1950’s technology cars, you create sophisticated electronic governors to restrict the performance of modern race cars. For Christsakes, if you want bats that perform no better than wood bats, just require wood bats! Then at least bats would be cheaper. Who wants to pay $300+ for a bat that’s little better than a wood bat in performance?

    1. My son is Junior in H.S has dominated with wood in summer. The BBCOR (Dimarini Vexxum) I paid nearly $400 – (after paying same to change to BESR last year – total $800 of new useless bats) he says it is like it’s wrapped in a wet dishrag. He can’t tell when he hits the sweetspot – all feels the same muted thud – like crap. I don’t mind adjusting the bats a bit, but, you have to allow the feeling of sweetspot that rings through your loins (like golf). I played pro ball and have swung and completely agree – absolutely no sweet spot feel. He would use wood, but, not allowed by his HS. Takes fun out of hitting. At least make sound better for sweet spot…Sucks for sure

  6. I’m in favor of the BBCOR bats. The hitting was artificial with the BESR bats. When I see a player just throw his hands at the ball and the ball is hit for a deep fly ball that’s not right. Players have gotten bigger and stronger over the last 20 years and with the advent of the new technologies that made the ball bounce off the bat 25% faster the ball got to the pitcher much faster off the bat. The problem was the pitcher did not get faster reflexes over the last 20 years but the bats got better over the last 20 years. That’s a problem. If you want to move onto the professional level you will need to learn how to hit with a wood bat anyway.

  7. ok so everyone trying to say baseball is a girly sport you can suck my balls….. try taking a 90 mile an hour fastball straight to the ribs while batting or having a ball come back straight to your face as a pitcher? in golf all you say is “four” when a ball is close to them! in baseball no one really knows where the ball is going right away! and in kricket yall wear helmets so shut the hell up!

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