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Denver Colorado Freecycle review and complaint – there are crazy people on this Freecycle!

Denver Colorado Freecycle review and complaint
I used to use the Denver Colorado Freecycle to pick up free items, but then I ran into a absolute nightmare with this crazy lady from hell!

I responded to a post on my local Denver Colorado Freecycle for some free flowers and small plantable shrubs last fall.  I didn’t know that I was walking into a nightmare with an absolutely insane and crazy lady that would haunt me for years to come.  I emailed her back and said I would be glad to pick up the flowers and plantable shrubs she seemed very nice and gave me directions to her house.

When I showed up at her house with my pick up truck She was waiting on her porch and had the lawn mower and other lawn equipment out like she was about to start mowing her lawn.  But when I went up to greet her and inquire about the flowers and shrubs (as I couldn’t see the ones she had posted about), it turned ugly.

The lady then told me that I was to mow, weedwack and edge her entire lawn (which was several acres by the way).  I said absolutely not.  I told her this was a listing off of the Denver Colorado Freecycle and that the rules on Freecycle are that everything is free with zero ties.  She said that if I didn’t mow and fix her yard that she would call the police and tell them I had come to try and rape her!

That is just wrong in so many ways and illegal to boot.  I told her she was sick and started to leave. Then the police showed up as I started driving down the road!  They pulled me over and made me stand with my legs spread as they patted me down.  They were very rough and rude to me and placed me in handcuffs and put me in the back of the police car.

They actually arrested me and didn’t care what I had to say – unbelievable.  We then went to the police station and I was finally let out on bail.  My wife knew I couldn’t have done anything to this crazy lady.  Eventually when I got an attorney involved the police dropped the charges as there was no proof of anything other then what the crazy lady claimed.

We thought of suing the lady for making wrongful rape charges, but my lawyer and I decided against it because she had no money and I would only end up owing a lot of money to my attorney with nothing to show for it (the lady didn’t even own the house – she was a scumbag renter).  We also had no case on the Denver Colorado city police because there was no witnesses to the rough treatment I received and so no way to link it to the scumbag police officers.

I learned my lesson – there are real freaks out there on the internet and especially on the Denver Colorado FreeCycle forum.  Be careful if you use it.  I saw that lady is still on there posting about free flowers and plants and stuff – she is actively trolling for her next victim. Don’t become her next victim like I did.

2 thoughts on “Denver Colorado Freecycle review and complaint – there are crazy people on this Freecycle!

  1. Oh my God – that is terrible. I hope that the lady that made those sladerous and false remarks goes to jail. I am sorry this happened to you. I have been using the Freecycle out here in Phoenix for quite some time to get rid of extra items we don’t need anymore and never had a problem, but thanks for the reminder that this is the internet and there are some crazy and dangerous people out there.

  2. This is absolutely horrible. We found you online because we write a blog called Freakcycle. We collect the funniest and most bizarre Freecycle posts we can find and we regularly do searches for crazy Freecycle posts but your story is truly scary and not funny at all. Sorry you had to go through this and that the police treated you that way.

    Wow. I don’t know if I’d Freecycle after such an experience. Do you still?

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