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Despicable Me kids movie review – a great childrens and family movie!

Despicable Me kids movie review
The movie Despicble Me is a great movie for children and families - If you haven't seen it yet, you will definitely want to check it out!

I heard all the hoopla about this movie entitled Despicable Me and so I had to get it for my kids. Cool thing is I didn’t have to pay for it I just downloaded it off of the Pirate Bay. It took a few hours to download it and it took me a day to burn it to a DVD. I had to download it twice because the first version that I tried to download had no volume to it. But then I put it in the DVD player for the kids and they absolutely loved it.

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We’ve now only had the movie for four days and my kids have already watched it at least four or five times. It’s a hilarious animated movie about a bad villain that ends up meeting these three orphan girls and he adopts them solely for the purpose of using them to get this shrink gun which he needs to capture the moon and then be able to claim himself as the best villain ever.

Along the way the villain meets another villain whom calls himself Vector whom looks like a complete nerd and loser. And once the main character of the movie gets a hold of the shrink gun this other villain vector steals it from him. And that is why he needs the three were from rural to sell cookies to gain access to the other villain’s house (which of course has a moat that is protected by a huge great white shark and has a home security system better than the White House.

Along the way the main character of the movie develops feelings for the three orphan girls and starts to care about them and miss them. And in the end he becomes a great dad and gives up being an evil villain so he can be a dad to these three orphan girls. The moon ends up going back to where it belonged and the evil villain Vector ends up all alone on the moon.

It is a hilarious movie and it is great for the family and has a lot of good meaning and undertones to it in the end. I would definitely have to rank Dispicable Me up there as one of the best family movies we have watched over the past several years. The kids just can’t seem to get enough of the little yellow guys. They are hilarious.

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Be sure and keep watching the movie when it’s over and it’s going through the credits because there is more footage of the yellow guys spaced throughout the credits. I didn’t think the movie Despicable Me would have been as good a movie as How To Train Your Dragon, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or Planet 51, but it does.

Regardless of whether you have children or not Despicable Me is a great family movie that everyone is going to want to see and will enjoy.

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