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Dicks Sporting Goods Review – they are much more expensive than their competition Sports Authority

The prices at Dicks Sporting Goods are a rip off compared to Sports Authority


I coach my sons little league team and with the season getting started up I needed to get some new gear. I needed a new score book, a pitch counter, and a lineup card. That on top of new cleats, glove, for my son since he had just outgrown his old stuff.

I first went to Dicks Sorting Goods because they were right down the street from me. Both my son and I walked in and made our way over to the baseball section. We looked a few gloves and bats, and needless to say we were both disappointed with the selection they had to offer. Not to mention they were a bit pricey.

I then tried to find out where the coaching stuff would be like my score book, lineup card, ect… I went to find one of their employees and there were none to be found. I litterally walked all over the store looking for some assistance and couldn’t find a single person. They must have been vastly understaffed.




I was forced to ask the cashier where I could find my coaching stuff I needed. She pointed me in the right direction and I found the supplies I was looking for. I was a bit disappointed by the prices I was looking at there too. I thought I could find a better deal elsewhere so we left.

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There was a Sports Authority a few miles away so we made our way there. When we got there we found a much larger selection, and the prices to be much more competitive. I bought my son all of his new gear at Sports Authority and went on to find my coaches supplies I needed.

I found a scorebook that was twice the size and double the games for 2 dollars less than Dicks Sporting Goods. I was very surprised, but also very happy. The pitch counter and the lineup cards were also significantly less. I won’t be going back to Dicks Sporting Goods anytime soon. I can get a much better deal on all my sporting equipment at Sports Authority.

One thought on “Dicks Sporting Goods Review – they are much more expensive than their competition Sports Authority

  1. Actually both are too expensive. Bass Pro Shops tends to be a little cheaper and I usually by my hunting gear (compound bows, hunting clothes, etc.) off where I usually save another 30 – 50%. I recently used Ebay to buy a barely used compound bow with a hard case and 12 arrows for less then half of its cost new. So shop around and be sure and negotiate.

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