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Dick’s Sporting Goods Turkey Fryer review – this turkey fryer is very low quality.

Dick's Sporting Goods Turkey Fryer review - this turkey fryer is very low quality.
I bought a turkey fryer on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods and it was very, very low quality - definitely not recommended.

I was looking for a turkey fryer so I could keep deep fry some turkeys for various holidays and special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ever since I had a deep-fried turkey a few years back up always wanted to be able to do this for my family a couple times a year. When correctly done a deep-fried turkey is just awesome. So I saw an ad that one was on sale for $50 at Dick’s sporting goods.

So I went over to Dick’s a few months back and they had two of these turkey fryers at the sale price left. I picked up one of these and bought it. I still had to go to BJ’s Wholesale and by a propane tank and get it filled. The kit did not come with a propane tank and Dick’s sporting goods does not sell propane tanks or fill them from what I can tell.

Besides I don’t think Dick’s sporting goods price would be any words near close to BJ’s Wholesale pricing for propane tanks and filling them. So that I love the whole thing home and set it up out back on my concrete patio. I made sure to lay down a couple of layers of cardboard boxes to soak up any grease spatters.

This is important because if you don’t you can permanently stain any concrete that you’re laying this turkey fryer on. You also have to be sure to make sure you set up your turkey for our away from the house and away from anything flammable. I always see stories in the news of people at Christmas time or Thanksgiving that caused the house far that burned down the house due to a poorly set up turkey fryer.

So I set it up correctly filled the container with peanut oil (which I also bought at BJ’s Wholesale club) and then I dropped in the 15 pound turkey that had. About four hours later it was done and it was very delicious. The turkey came out great. Then I cleaned up the unit and put away.

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When it came time about a month later to bring it for Thanksgiving, I noticed that the stand and much of the unit other than the stainless steel parts had rusted really bad. I have never had a turkey for our unit do this as quickly. Usually it takes years of leaving them outside for this to happen. This turkey fryer was cleaned up and stored in the garage for only about a month.

Nothing else in my garage has rusted except for this turkey fryer unit. This just goes to show you this turkey fryer from Dick’s Sporting Goods is an extremely cheap unit and you will only be able to use it once or twice – what a waste! I will deftly not be going back to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy my next turkey fryer. I will go somewhere that sells quality ones instead.

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