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DiGiorno pepperoni rising crust pizza review – it’s okay…

We bought a 3 pack of these DiGiorno pizzas the other day for $10 at BJs here in Concord (the one by the race track and across from the Concord Mills Mall). It seemed like a good deal and all and my one son absolutely loves pepperoni pizza so we had to get it. We placed it in our freezer and yesterday we thawed it out and cooked it in the oven. Below are pictures of the pizza along with the cooking instructions.

DiGiorno pepperoni rising crust pizza

We followed the instructions to a T and the result was an okay pizza. I still like the Red Baron pizza, which is about the same price for 3 at BJs, better. The DiGiorno pizza looked great but tasted okay – it was a little bland and lackluster. Definitely not the best pizza or frozen pizza for that matter.

DiGiorno pizza heated up and ready to serve

Above is a picture of the pizza fresh out of the oven – it looks really good doesn’t it?

DiGiorno pizza closeup

This is a closeup of the same pizza.

slice of pepperoni pizza

Here is my first slice I ate. It was good, but it just wasn’t great. It was, as I said, a little bland.

pizza box heating instructions

Here are the heating instructions for the DiGiorno pepperoni pizza.

DiGiorno pizza heating instructions

Its not a bad pizza, but it could have been a whole lot better. Maybe the folks at DiGiorno will see this and work on their recipe a little and improve it. This could be great pizza, but it wasn’t. The Red Baron’s pizza is like an 8 and the DiGiorno ranks a 4 out of 10 in my book.

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