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Directed Electronics Smart Start Complaint – This product works less than half the time and is a complete waste of money!

Directed Electronics remote car starter is a peice of junk!

I was in the market for a remote car starter. With winters grasp still holding tight I figured I would spoil myself with a remote car starter with some of my left over bonus money I had from Christmas. I wanted something a little cheaper so I tried the Direct Electronics Remote Car Starter.

I found the VSS3000 model and decided to get it. I thought I was getting a good deal for $399. I had it installed by a friend of mine who does them for a living in Springfield, Mass. However, I wish he could have warned me about the problems I would encounter in the near future.

I wanted to get it started from in my house because it was cold the next morning. I had the SmartStart application installed on my phone all ready for use. I hit the button and nothing happened. I was a bit concearned. I went down the stairs to get a little closer. I thought maybe it was a range issue. When I got downstairs I had to hit it a few more times until it eventually kicked on.

I was a little concearned that it took that man tried to get it kicked on, but it turned on so I didn’t think too much of it. I waited for it to get warmed up and as I got ready for work. After I finished I got in and it was nice and warm as I expected.

I wanted to get it warmed up before I went down to the car when I was about to leave work. I work on the ground floor and my car was parked right in front of my window. When I hit the button on my phone nothing happened again. The same problem I was having in the morning except the car never kicked on at all. No matter how many times I hit the button nothing would happened.

A bit frusterated I went down to start my car up by hand while I went back inside and finished up my work at my desk. Sitting the frusterated I thought there must have been a mistake in the instalation to already be having problems. I called up my buddy in Springfield and brought it back up to him the next day to have it looked at.

He said that there was no problem with the installation and it should be working fine. We tried using my phone to start it up again and it kicked over on the first try. I thanked him for taking a look at it and headed back home.

For the next 2 weeks the Directed Electronics SmartStart remote starter worked on and off and I grew even more frusterated with every day that passed. I paid $400 for a peice of junk that only works 50% of the time! This was just ridiculous. For that much money it should be working 99.9% of the time.

I had the product uninstalled boxed up and shipped back to the company. After doing some research online I found that Drone remote car starter by Compustar ADS model had some really good reviews on it. They said it works every time and is a great buy.

The Drone by Compustar was a little bit more money, but I decided to give it a try. With all the good feedback I found online I figured it was worth a shot. So I ordered the Drone Compustar online and had it installed by my friend in Springfield again.

I have had the Drone for over a month now and I love it! It works every time, and I can use it from my phone just like the the Directed Electronics car starter. I guess the moral of the story is you get what you pay for. I will definitely warn everybody I know interested in getting a remote car starter to avoid the Directed Electronics VSS3000 at all costs. Definitely get the Drone ADS by Compustar. It is so much better!

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