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DirecTV premium channel billing complaint – I cancelled the free premium movie channels and they just kept on billing me!

DirecTV premium channel billing complaint
I got DirecTV because I thought it would be great and it turned out to be a big scam and ripoff!

I saw an ad that told me how great DirecTV was.  according to their ad they have the highest customer satisfaction rate out there and are better than cable for the last 10 years (I later searched this on the internet and found it to be a complete lie).  So I called the number for DirecTV on the advertisement (1-866-951-9621).

They sent me a package in the mail which included all the equipment it needed to be hooked up and then a few days later a guy came to install it.  He had to come back because it was raining out and he said he won’t go off on my roof while it’s raining.  he jokingly said that if he were to go up there and fall he could sue me for it and that wouldn’t be a good thing.  I don’t know why DirecTV would have people that talk and joke like that working for them, but whatever.

He came back a few days later and installed the system for me.  We got all the channels we were supposed to and everything worked great I didn’t have a problem with it.   Then when the 3 months were almost up for the free 3 months of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax I called the canceled because there is no way I could afford to keep all those extra premium channels.

I work at Wal-Mart and share my 2 bed room apartment with 4 other guys that all work at Wal-Mart.  I don’t make a whole lot of money stocking the shelves at night at Wal-Mart and until they decide to give me a major pay raise and promote me (which I doubt will ever happen because I am white and the store manager is a black racist schmuck that only promotes blacks) I cannot afford those premium movie channels.

Besides, once you have them and try them for love that you find out that the channels like HBO,  Cinemax and Showtime tend to replay the same movies over and over again for the rest of the month.  so it’s really not worth having these premium movie channels in the first place.  One of my roommates with his computer just downloads the movies right off the internet for free and we used to watch them that way.

Anyway, back to the DirecTV complaint – I called to cancel these premium channels and the person I spoke to said they would take care of it.  Yet when I got my bill it was much much higher than it should have been because they billed me for all the movie channels.  I could see them doing this if I kept the movie channels and wanted to keep them, but I actually called DirecTV customer service to cancel these premium channels and I made sure I was within the three-month period to do that.

I called back and got another rep that apologize for the situation and said they took care of it and all you do is pay the regular payment and not include the payment for the premium channels.  So I did this and then the next bill I received showed two charges for the premium channels.  One was for the previous month and one was for this month.  I told them this time that I refused to pay anything until this was cleared up.

Their response they cancelled my service.  It’s turned into a real mess now as they are now trying to bill me for several more months of DirecTV and the premium channels when I don’t even have access to their service.  They’ve also turned the account over to a collection agency and they are ruining my credit.  If I had the money for an attorney I would sue them, but I work at Wal-Mart so what can I do?

Don’t make the mistake of getting DirecTV.  They will lie to you and ruin your life.

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