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Before using a new doctor you need to check them out with a doctor rating website like!


Too many of us nowadays take our health care system, medical care and doctors for granted. We virtually put our lives in the hands of the doctors that we choose to go to. We trust these doctors to help us and to make us healthier. Sometimes that trust is unwarranted and there are bad doctors out there. So it is best to use a doctor service or website like Toronto out the bad doctors.

There are many different medical information websites out there that will give you different information on different doctors and specialties. Some are absolute worthless like those provided by the American Medical Association. They routinely do not catch the majority of problem doctors out there and that is a serious problem.

All it takes is for you to run into one bad doctor and place your trust in them and you could die or end up paralyzed or who knows what could be your fate. The Internet is littered with stories of bad doctors that sexually abused patients, killed patients, gave wrongful treatments or even surgeries to patients, etc…

in many of these circumstances their state medical licensing boards will suspend or reprimand these doctors for these problems. In the worst cases they will revoke their medical license altogether. But when you go in to see a doctor they don’t have a listing in their office of their violations or ratings as to whether they’re a good or bad doctor.

You have to trust your doctor once you get in there to their office. So prior to going to a new doctor you need to do a little research. Now you can do this on your own and it will take you much longer as you will have to use multiple sites, but it is in fact far easier and very cheap to use the number one rated doctor rating and medical information website out there –




it only costs $9.95 to get a rapport on any doctor and this report will show all of the violations and legal problems related to there being a medical doctor. Problems like numerous malpractice lawsuits which could indicate a serious problem in the level of care from this doctor, violations, etc…

you could also get a complete clear report of a doctor indicating to you that that is a good doctor to go and see. For just under $10 you can easily see the value in using a medical information and doctor rating website like I have used DocInfo myself for every new physician, doctor, dermatologist or even surgeon that are my family use.

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In the past year or two I’ve only found two potentially bad doctors. So we never used those to doctors as they had very high numbers of malpractice lawsuits. That kind of scares me is that means that there might be something going on there that’s either questionable or bad.

I highly recommend using a medical information and doctor rating website like to better guarantee that you are getting good doctors that you can trust.

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