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DogWatch hidden fence systems review – the hidden dog fence works awesome!

DogWatch hidden dog fence review
I got a hidden fence installed for my 2 big dogs from DogWatch of Charlotte NC and was very pleased.

DogWatch hidden fence systems
307 Hillcrest Drive
Huntersville, NC 28078

I have two dogs and bought a house that did not come with a fence. My dogs are large in putting a tie down post in the ground just does not work in their case. I would have to have a serious pole concreted into the ground. Instead I decided to go a different route and had a hidden fence system installed for my dogs. I got my hidden fence system fromDogWatch (

It wasn’t cheap to get the hidden fence system installed but the folks at DogWatch were great and installed it within a few days. They stayed with us for several hours after the installation to make sure we knew how it worked and it worked effectively with our dogs. Now they did say it was a learning thing and that the dogs would at first go over her outside of the bounds of the hidden fence.

But after a few weeks they said this would stop and our dogs would learn to stay within the bounds of our backyard. They were correct. Both our dogs got out several times in the first week which was pretty annoying especially since they love to run all over the darn neighborhood and then come back when they’re good and tired a few hours later.

But I must say after a wek and a half to two weeks they no longer did this. They actually started to respect the boundaries of the hidden fence and stayed about 2 feet or more from where the hidden fence was. The fact that they respect the boundaries of the hidden fence and stay within our backyard is wonderful.

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And we don’t have to install a big ugly wooden fence or an extremely expensive iron or aluminum fence. I can now let my dogs out in the morning and at night and not have to worry about them traversing the neighborhood and getting into trouble or worse yet getting run over by a car.

I am very happy and glad that I got this hidden fence system installed by DogWatch of Charlotte NC. It works great rain or shine. And my pets respected your round and stay within the bounds of our backyard. I must say if you’re looking to get a hidden fence system you’re definitely want to give the folks at DogWatch a call.

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