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Domino’s 8 piece boneless chicken review – tastes just like the chicken in the Wal-Mart freezer section!

Domino's 8 piece boneless chicken review
I had the new Domino's 8 piece boneless chicken and it wasn't all that great. It was just as good as Wal-Mart chicken from the freezer isle.

I saw an advertisement for the new Domino’s 8 piece boneless chicken for $5.99. It claimed their chicken was better than ever, crispier and lightly breaded with herbs and 100% whole white chicken breast meat. I am in the midst of a low-fat, high-protein diet that my doctor put me on to lose weight.

Chicken like this was something I was allowed to have so I ordered two orders of the 8 piece boneless chicken. I went and picked them up at the local Domino’s pizza here.

Domino’s Pizza
343 South Kings Drive
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 331-9847

The wait was really long when I got there to pick up my order and the staff was quite rude at this Domino’s Pizza location. When I called in my order from home they said it would be ready in 10 minutes. This turned into more like 35 minutes or more – and I had even called it in!

And by the time I got home and we tried the boneless chicken it was cold. I tried them and to be honest with you they were no better then the Wal-Mart Great Value brand boneless chicken tenders and chicken nuggets in their frozen section. Seriously, if you were to try the Domino’s chicken and then the Wal-mart chicken you would see they taste just alike.

The difference though is that you can buy 10 times the amount of chicken pieces at Wal-Mart as you can at Domino’s Pizza. I did come with some dipping sauce that tasted pretty good but I have found far better sauce for $2 at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, you would be better off getting a big bag of frozen chicken tenders or nuggets at Wal-Mart, warm them up in your oven and then serve with Trader Joe’s sauce. That would give you 10 times the chicken and far better sauce for less then I paid.

And if the chicken gets cold from Domino’s do not put it in your microwave to heat it up again. My wife made that mistake and it made her chicken rubbery and hard. It also lost a lot of its flavor (it is important to note that there wasn’t much flavor there to begin with so any loss of flavor was bad).

It’s nice that Domino’s Pizza is trying to offer different things from their menu, but the chicken is just plain chicken like you would see on a plate at a nursing home or high school cafeteria. Seriously Wal-Mart’s Great Value boneless chicken is a far better deal and then go get yourself your choice of sauce from Wal-Mart or anywhere else. I prefer Trader Joe’s sauce as you can use it for so many things.

Unless you have a coupon for free or nearly free boneless chicken at Domino’s you shouldn’t buy it. It’s a waste of money!

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