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Domino’s Pizza large Big Deal pizza review – the only big deal here is that this Dominos pizza sucks!

Domino's Pizza large Big Deal pizza review
I ended up ordering 3 Big Deal pizzas from Domino's Pizza and was sorely disappointed!

My family and I happened to be shopping in the Cheshire Plaza off of South Blvd. in North Charlotte. The kids started getting hungry and we saw several signs showing large pizzas for $4.99 from Domino’s pizza.  The ads said it was a Big Deal And that you got 10 large slices for this price of a pepperoni pizza.   The ads also stated that there was no waiting and that these pizzas would be ready and waiting for you.

So while the kids were waiting with my wife in the SUV, I went into Domino’s Pizza at Cheshire Place (3716 West W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte, NC 28269, (704) 598-2230) to get the pizzas.  I ordered three of these Big Deal large pizzas and figured that that was a good deal.  the lady behind the counter told me it was a 5 to 10 minute wait – so I guess the sign out front that specifically stated no waiting  didn’t apply but that wasn’t that bad I guess.

It turned out that I ended up waiting over 45 minutes for these 3 pizzas.  As I waited I watched people that had ordered after me get their full orders one by one.  I went up to the counter with my receipt and tried to find out what was going on with the pizzas I had ordered for my family.  Every time I did this they said I had to just wait and be patient.

And it continued on that person after person that ordered upwards of half an hour after me got their orders and I still hadn’t.  Finally I had the lady at the front go back and find out where my pizzas were. Apparently two of the pizzas had been done over 40 minutes ago and we were waiting on the third.  She ended up having to go back and get my pizza as apparently the workers in the back were too busy conversing about the superbowl and a fifth of Jack Daniels (that’s what one of the delivery guys said he was going to pick up on the way back from his next delivery).

So, then the lady brought my order to the front and apologized for the delay.  It didn’t matter if I was mad or not – what really mattered was that my wife was stuck in the truck with three hungry little kids and I’m sure they were stressing her out to the max.  So I took my pieces and left.  When we got home my wife opened the pizza boxes and commented on how small these supposedly large pizzas really were.

She wasn’t kidding.  There was almost no cheese whatsoever on these pizzas and very few pieces of pepperoni.  They were all burned on the edges and greasy and soggy in the middle.  We ate some of the pizza because we were hungry, but to be honest with you it was hard to stomach and it was the most disgusting and nastiest pizza I’ve ever had.

I was extremely disappointed and disgusted with this pizza from Domino’s pizza.  I completely wasted almost an hour getting these pizzas when in fact they advertise that there’s no waiting.  Then they screw up your order so you have to wait an hour and half of your order is soggy and greasy and the rest is burned.

If I had known I was going to have to wait that long for pizza I would’ve gone in search of far better pizza at Pizza Hut, Papa John’s or Amalfi’s, I certainly would not have waited that long for a Domino’s pizza.  To top it off the pizzas from this Domino’s pizza absolutely sucked.  The service was terrible.  The pizza barely edible and the experience was one I will not soon forget.  If you want a rating on this Domino’s Pizza location I would have to give it a F!

One thought on “Domino’s Pizza large Big Deal pizza review – the only big deal here is that this Dominos pizza sucks!

  1. Domino’s Pizza sucks. I learned a long time ago not to order pizza from Dominos. They add very little cheese, and their pizza is greasy and you feel sick to your stomach after eating it. I do not recommend Domino’s. Get Pizza Hut or Papa John’s instead. Their pizza is far better!

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