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Dominos Pizza new lower prices for pizza review

Dominos Pizza new lower prices for pizza review
I couldn't believe the new, lower prices for pizzas at Dominos Pizza - plus the manager even gave me a free one!

I ordered three large one topping pizzas the other day from Domino’s pizza and I was pleasantly surprised when they told me the price – $6 per pizza or $18 total (plus tax – you can never get away from paying taxes).  Normally these pizzas I believe, if I’m correct, were $10 each, but now they were reduced about four dollars per pizza to six dollars.

So basically I can get three large pizzas with one topping for the price I used to pay for 2.  I ordered them for pickup as I don’t need to have it delivered.  Besides I can always pick up my pizza faster than they can deliver it.  I live in a community where its kind of hard to find your way around and the pizza delivery guys almost always have a hard time finding my house.

so I drove over to Domino’s pizza and paid for my pizzas.  before I could leave the manager there was being really nice and gave me an extra large Honolulu Hawaiian specialty pizza for free.  Maybe he thought that their time in preparing my pizza was too long – I don’t know, but I’m not one to turn away a free pizza.

so when I got home I had four pizzas from Domino’s pizza and my wife was wondering how I ended up with the fourth one.  I told her that a manager at Domino’s gave me a free Honolulu Hawaiian specialty pizza.  so you put them on the counter and all of the pizzas were great.  the kids really pour into the Honolulu Hawaiian specialty pizza as that was the first one to go.

Apparently the kids really liked the mix of ham and pineapple on pizza.  the next one to go was the pepperoni pizza.  One of my sons will only eat pepperoni pizza.  That’s it.  He won’t eat any other kind of pizza no matter what.  he loves pepperoni so much that he actually likes to eat plain pepperoni too. He’ll actually make a sandwich solely of pepperoni.

Anyway back to the pizza, the Domino’s pizza was not only a big hit that day, but it was great for the pocketbook as it was only $18 for four large pizzas (including the free Honolulu Hawaiian specialty pizza the manager gave me).  I don’t know of many pizza places where you can get or pizzas for $18. Many Italian restaurants near me would charge $15-$20 for just one large pizza.

I must definitely say that the Domino’s pizza was very good and a great price or great buy.

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