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Don McGill Toyota Complaint – this car dealership in Katy Texas tried to rip me off

This Texas dealership ripped me off

It gets hot in Texas and Don McGill Toyota in Katy Texas is the shadiest place in town to buy your new car. In my opinion, This place has got to have the most unintelligent, rude, incompetent, finance department on the dealership planet.

I feel totally violated. I don’t understand why Toyota Corporation continues to allow them to be a representitive of fine Toyota products. They would be more suited to selling steer manure. Are you aware the they have a BBB rating of a F with a government action taken against them ? You are now! I wasn’t at the time when i walked onto their lot to have a look-see at a new Prius decided to get it.

Negotiations where rough and it took a good 2 hours of hard work to arrive at the deal. 0% interest and 1k of the dealer window sticker price which is a lousy deal considering the car is last years model and they were still asking full pop for the vehice. But I agreed to do it. It all went somewhat well until the next day when I was told by the finance manager himself….. I made a mistake that will be costing you (me)$1000 Because he screwed up the contract they cant give me the deal I negotiated with the salesman and the sales manager.

They needed me to re-sign a new contract. To which I replied, “That ain’t gonna happen” He immediately and I mean immediately began ranting about how he and his family would have to pay for (his mistake) and I was taking food from his children’s mouths. Then he proceeded to the personal insult department.

Now under normal circumstances I don’t consider myself to be an unreasonable person. However, Now he has my undivided attention and im not giving a inch. I suggested that he should consider paying for his own mistakes and stop trying to get me to pay it for him . He ended the conversation by hanging up on me.

All I can say is, good help must really be in short supply these days. We had another chat on the telephone about a week later and it was basically the exact same conversation we had before. I was all done with this person the first go around. Why would anyone think they would get anywhere with a customer by using guilt trips, personal insults and bullying tactics to help that person out of an alleged situation?

Over two weeks have passed now and my trade in vehicle has still not been paid off by Don McGill Toyota of Katy Texas. I guess they think now, two wrongs will make it right. Wrong! This is how they have chosen to show their appreciation for my business. Take heed and learn from the mistake that I have made and am now paying for with mass quantities of regret and a severe headache Do yourself a favour and keep diving when you see this dealership. You’ll be much happier giving your hard earned money to a business that is respected in the community and is anxious to gain your trust and repeat business. This place is a hose shack and a tool shed!

One thought on “Don McGill Toyota Complaint – this car dealership in Katy Texas tried to rip me off

  1. I have a real Don McGill horror story. I will never buy a car there again. This one is better than your story. Write me if you want to know more.

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