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DuckDuckGo search versus Google search – should Google be scared?

Recently there’s been a lot of updates to online search engines like Google. in the past two months Google has rolled out one of their biggest updates to date – Penguin. this update is far more reaching than any other update in their history. Millions of people were negatively affected with the Penguin update and many of them did absolutely nothing wrong – they were innocent victims and may have even been Google bowled.

If you don’t know what Google bowling is its when someone that practices negative SEO creates thousands of bad links to someone’s website in the hopes of getting it de-ranked or unlisted from Google. You could have a website that ranks in the top five for thousands of keywords that is over 10 years old and someone comes along and creates a ton of spammy back links from questionable or bad neighborhood websites and as soon as Google crawls your website you are nowhere to be found ranking wise.

duckduckgo search engine
DuckDuckGo clearly provides better search results then Google search.

for many people, especially small website owners trying to make it by with an internet business, this can be the death blow. Fortunately, Google may no longer stay or keep their top ranking as the number one search engine. In the past there has been competition from Yahoo and Bing mostly and this didn’t affect Google at all as Google grew by leaps and bounds to become the number one search engine with over 75 to 80% of all total search traffic.

Now, there are some new upstart search engines which are gaining ground fast. There is a reason for this. Google search has become corrupted. When you search for something on their search engine you no longer find what you want in the first page of results. They have it littered with ads all over the place (which they even try and hide among the true search results which I think is deceptive business practices) and local, news, YouTube results and more all mixed in.

When I search for something I want results that show me exactly what I am looking for. I don’t want or like results for what Google thinks I am looking for because 99% of the time that’s incorrect. Google has no idea what I’m looking for lately and this Penguin update along with the previous Panda one clearly shows this. But there’s good news – Google has hit its apex and it’s time for it to go the wayside like Altavista did. There is a new search engine called DuckDuckGo which provides a much better quality search.

The search results come much faster with DuckDuckGo as they are not bogged down with news results, YouTube results, images, etc… All these add-ons to Google search weigh it down tremendously and they hide the true results I am looking for. There is also no bunch of ads to hide or obfuscate the true search results on DuckDuckGo. And there’s far less spam. Google search results tend to be taken over by spammers and scammers.


Don’t get spam or get scammed. Use a search engine that is not corrupted by profits and illegal business behaviors (Google got caught misbehaving by the FTC and is due in court next June to answer on corruption and anti-trust behavior) Try it and see for yourself there’s only one ad at the top and it’s clear and easy to see it from the rest of the results. They don’t try and blend it in with the search results to make you click on stuff you may not be interested in like Google does.

When I search for anything with DuckDuckGo I pretty much find exactly what I’m looking for and much faster than on Google. I think we have finally found a search engine that gets it right after all these years – DuckDuckGo. Hoards of internet searchers are making the switch to DuckDuckGo for faster, better results. Google has become weighted down with stuff we don’t need or want most of the time. DuckDuckGo provides far better results with less spam and scams. It’s better. Try it and see for yourself. I’m sure after just a few searches you will be sold on using DuckDuckGo over Google.

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