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DUI Legal help – How to choose the best DUI attorney or law firm for your DUI arrest or case

DUI Legal help - How to choose the best DUI attorney or law firm for your DUI arrest or case
Arrested for a DUI? You need to read this so you can find the right DUI attorney whom has the best chances of getting your case dismissed.

In the last 10 years many states have reduced the amount or concentration of alcohol in the blood for DUI arrests.  Whereas in the past you had to be drunk and have like eight beers to fail it, in many states now it may only take one or two glasses of wine or beer’s in the last hour to do the same.  So all it takes is a nice dinner with a few drinks and you could easily be pulled over and charged with a DUI.

If you are pulled over and the police officer has the slightest inclination that you might’ve even had one sip of alcohol they will most likely give you a field sobriety test and still arrest you under the suspicion of DUI.  So if you’ve been drinking don’t think you’re going to be able to get out of your DUI arrest as it’s not going to happen.

Instead your thought process now needs to be how to find out and obtain the best DUI lawyer, attorney or law firm in your area.  It doesn’t help to know of or find a great DUI attorney from a city 500 miles or more away that does not specialize in your home town area.  yes I’ve seen the ads on TV from faraway law firms that specialize in all kinds of things but basically all they do is farm your business out to another law firm and they play a more supportive role.

Your best bet is to look at the lists of top lawyers.  There are numerous lists like this where consumers vote for who they think are the best attorneys.  This works for all attorneys including DUI lawyers.  Another good place to look is to research on the Internet your local area for DUI attorneys.  You can find cases, arrests, DUI litigation, and most importantly the number of cases or percentage of cases they’ve gotten dismissed.

We have an attorney here locally that specializes in DUI offenses and in getting them dismissed.  his mission from the get-go is to continue every possible court appearance to the point where it becomes ridiculous to the police officer to have to keep showing up.  What this DUI attorney is banking on is the fact that there will eventually come a time when that police officer can’t make it for some reason and the case will be dropped.

Some people say that this is not a very good process to rely on, but if you were to look at this attorney’s (DUI attorney George Laughrun) track record he gets over 80% of all DUI cases he handles dismissed.  that’s better than any other DUI attorney I’ve ever heard of and when I tell other attorneys about this attorneys track record they are amazed.

So it definitely helps to do a little research into local DUI attorneys that can help your case.  A little research could easily mean the difference between spending time in jail and having a DUI conviction and having your case completely dismissed and moving on without any criminal or driving record for your DUI arrest.

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