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Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit extortion scam – these lawyers are making a mockery of the legal process in America!

Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit scam
Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver are making a complete mockery of the US legal system and should be sued into bankruptcy and their lawyers put in jail!

If you’ve been keeping up with news on the Internet then by now you’ve probably heard of the law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver or as they are also referred to as the US Copyright Group.  They are the attorneys that are trying to break new grounds in going after torrent downloaders and movie pirates.

First they tried to do a large en mass John Doe filing wherein they wanted the federal courts in Washington DC to claim jurisdiction for anyone that’s an American regardless of where they live.  The problem with this is that that cannot be done.  The law specifically states that jurisdiction when dealing with consumers is there location.

For instance, you cannot sue someone from Maine or from Oregon in Washington DC courts for a copyright violation.  you would have to sue these individuals and their respective state and in the nearest federal or District Court.  The reason why Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver tried to do this was that they would only have to file one lawsuit to request all of the John does information from their respective ISP providers.

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And this is what they started doing.  They thought that by filing these lawsuits out of jurisdiction and at an extreme inconvenience for those that are not located any words near Washington DC would cause more people to settle with their law firm for $3,000 or so dollars (that is their average settlement amount currently).

Finally the judges involved in this matter stopped Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver from this illegal method of extortion and they ended up dropping the majority of the cases that they had.  Besides if any of these cases actually went to court they would most likely lose because of how they obtained the information.

They hired some sleazy group from Germany to try and siphon off ip addresses from forums, torrent downloaders like Bittorrent and websites.  If an IP headers came up as being involved in uploading or downloading the respective movies that they’ve been hired to defend (like Hurtlocker, Far Cry, the Expendables, etc…) then these were added to their list further John Doe lawsuit.

The problem with this is that there is no definite proof that they have any of these people at these IP addresses actually participated in downloading or uploading these movies.  There is also a lot of error involved in these IP addresses that they received and they know that.  There is at least a 5 to 10% error rate in how they obtained the information. Plus there are many instances where they cannot possibly identify who actually did the downloading.

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For instance, what if it occurred in a public place like Panera Bread or Starbucks where they have internet access?  What if someone unknowingly left their wireless router unprotected and their neighbors were using their account?  This is actually a legitimate problem because if you have a wireless router that is not password-protected it’s very easy for anyone your neighborhood to create an account and start using your service.

I know this myself because I found out several years ago that I had 18 of my neighbors using my wireless router and Internet account.  The only reason why found that was my Internet service was extremely slow and getting slower by the day.  A friend of mine that knew more about computers than I did came over and looked into the router set up and found over 18 accounts with all of my neighbors names on them.

So the questions here are should the law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver be allowed to sue John Does with reckless abandon as they have tried and should they be allowed to sue people with bad and erroneous information at best?  The first question the courts in Washington DC have all ready answer for us as no.  It is against the law and a misuse of the justice system to sue someone out of their legal jurisdiction.  Of course the attorneys at Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver don’t care about what’s right or wrong – they just see the profits.

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The second one is really disturbing because who’s to say that this law firm that we all ready know it’s unethical, deceptive and untruthful wouldn’t just start pulling IP addresses out of thin air and adding them to the list for more money?  Of course they’re going to do that and they have been doing that. Just look at all the people complaining the number downloaded the movies in question.  I understand that some of the people are going to lie and deny that they downloaded a movie that they did and in that case you know they should face the penalties for that.

But what about all the elderly people that are 90 years old that would have actually no interest in watching any movies at all let alone one like Hurtlocker, Far Cry or the Expendables that are receiving these extortion letters from Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver?  it isn’t just one occurrence.  We are talking about hundreds and possibly even thousands of people that are being wrongfully accused and then extorted illegally in a definite misuse of the legal system by Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver.

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Now, since they got their paws smacked by the federal courts in Washington DC, they don’t want people to think that they are going to sue them and they want to keep their extortion racket going so they are suing 2 unlucky people out in the Midwest to make an example out of them.  Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver is not going to go and sue everybody – they don’t have the time, the money or the resources.  their only interest here is to keep the US copyright group extortion machine going and make millions by making a complete mockery of the legal system here in America.

My only wish here is that some class action lawsuits emerge from this that completely bankrupt the law firm of Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver.  I would also like to see their attorneys put in jail for fraud and extortion.

36 thoughts on “Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit extortion scam – these lawyers are making a mockery of the legal process in America!

  1. Those attorneys are classic scumbags. They are using extortion on people enmass and that should be illegal. Sooner or later the government will get involved and take away their licenses to practice law in the US.

  2. The answer here is simple – if everyone would stop paying these corrupt lawyers they would go away and disappear back under the rock they crawled out from under. Don’t pay them a dime and tell everyone else out there to do the same! I received one of those extortion letters from these jackass attorneys and I tossed it in the trash right where it belonged.

  3. Letter campaign. Wanted. interiews with US Copyright Group. Questions. Do they think this is a Product of Ethical Balanced Lawyers. Media needs to help on this. Write every television and radio telling this of this racket going on. google Dunlap,Grubb and Weaver US Copyright groups see thousands of articles. Write Washington and Virgina Bar Association – each member. How can these lawyers represent the Bar in this way. Write every State Attorney General and representatives, legislation asking them to stop mass mailing outlaw class action law suits from groups like US Copyright group who are abusing the legal system. Its the Honey Pots Torrents that need to be grabbed by the balls and stopped.

  4. has anyone spoken with an attorney about this. I received a letter from Dunlap Grubb and Weaver, and am nervous about it. I am not paying $2,900 but my attorney advised possibly calling them to see where this is going. Is there any way, this can possibly go further than the extortion letters we are receiving?

  5. Do not pay them ANYTHING!!! My network was unsecured and someone downloaded The Hurt Locker illegally. They are demanding a settlement from me, but they are not going to get a dime! Don’t fall for their big talk and their bullying. It’s intimidating at first, but then you start to look into how they are going about this and it is indeed extortion. I wonder how many McDonald’s and Starbucks got this letter too? Completely ridiculous. Just make sure your network is secured.

  6. I saw today when I opened up my google I was shocked to see Hurtlocer is dropping cases.Man it was all over the boards. I wonder if all are dropped. Interesting! It would have been nice to see a interview with Dunlap or some of his guys to see what they are all about but now that things will calm down with these cases/accusations. I guess we wont have to see interview that I was hoping for. I really wanted to hear and see what he or they are all about. My friend and I wont be bothering members board with letters although much needs to be changed in this world of digital waves. Lawyers cant expect everyone to know the rule. This is all too new. And minors its just as bad for all those parents who have to deal with kids that are so ingnorant to the new age. I really believe there needs to be a mission of people and tapes or videos that all schools are requred to play for their student in elememtary ..again in middle school and again in high school telling them the importance of not downloading and what will happen if they do. Kids just dont know. And adults are just as peebrained with what can happen too. you just dont see this sort of stuff on tv telling people what can happen if you do this. I mean like they show all sorts of texting accidents and tell you over and over the law and what will happen if you get caught. but do you ever see commercials or lectures on tv. And here so many people innocent or guilty had to deal with all this.Like I said go after the Originators– the Honey Pots called Torrents. They need to be found and closed down. I saw another blog someone Thanking DGW for dropping cases. I guess I stand in a Thanks also. You made my girlfriend’s day!

  7. I was just checking the docket for the Maverick Case @:

    and discovered that I was one of the people dismissed without prejudice on 15 April 2011.

    However I just received DGW’s demand letter today and it’s dated 26 April 2011. They are trying to scam me into paying on a case they dismissed already?

    Is that legal?
    Should I notify the judge?
    Should I just leave well enough alone???

    What a bunch of scam artists!!!

    1. tell the judge all of us need to complain, I have never downloaded a movie, I have never even heard of the hurt locker, this is crap!

  8. So what is the right thing to do once you’ve gotten the extortion letter? I can pay them $2900 by 8/10 or $3900 by 8/24 or I *may* formally be added to a list of defendants. All I know is that I personally did not do the deed, so I don’t feel terribly obligated to do anything about this. Certainly it could have been any one of my three “roommates” or the half dozen or so neighbors within signal range of my wifi….but honestly I doubt any of them have so little taste as to download a Steve Gutenberg movie!

    What’s the next step for me? Can I safely just ignore the whole thing and let it go away on its own or do I need to cough up money to a lawyer on one side or the other?

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