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Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit extortion scam – these lawyers are making a mockery of the legal process in America!

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36 thoughts on “Dunlap, Grubb Weaver lawsuit extortion scam – these lawyers are making a mockery of the legal process in America!

  1. them fellas better watch out cause bad publicity can hurt them in their future practice of law. they sure aint getting Fans.

  2. Got a letter in the mail about “Stripper Academy” downloaded at 5:22 A.M. on April 10th.. I didnt even have internet hooked up on that date.. nor have I ever been awake that early in the morning.. lol.. I called the number.. seemed really unprofessional and had no clue on how to answer any questions..

  3. I just received my letter today, I wasnt even in the state when they said this happened, I was away on vacation and can prove it, But this is a very intimidating letter, I dont know what to do with it, what is everyone else doing, I have never down loaded anything in my life !!!

      1. yes mine also, but i have never downloaded anything the ip address listed is in another city a good ways away from where i live. I would call the judge make a stink,

    1. Call the Judge look up judge beryl howell, this is bull crap i never downloaded the movie, i never heard of the movie, the IP address they provided is completly wrong, i would make alot of noise

  4. Read this:

    then this >>

    Seems DGW are already being sued for their questionable tactics of getting IP addresses and times with a company out of Germany. I was just dismissed also back on June 15 and just got an extortion letter also AFTER being dismissed. They are not getting a dime from me. They think we are just dumb and will pay up. I didn’t download a frigin thing.

    Also read this>>

  5. I also received this ‘official’ looking letter and also called the DGW Law firm for downloading some movie ‘The Clique’. Never heard of this movie till now. Did a quick search on this movie – and I would not see this movie even if I was paid to. Spoke to a person there who was not very helpful. But they are open to settle. I offered $300 to settle – but they came down to $1500. But now I realize that this seems to be a big scare tactic. We should really slam these folks!!

  6. I received a letter sept 15th for the hurt locker. I have never seen the movie and blamed this whole thing on my ex-roommate. Now I’m thinking it is all just a scam. I called and they lowered the amount to $2000 and gave me an extension. My question is, can you legally be fined without someone officially serving the papers? How do they know you received it? Is frontier legally allowed to give them my information without a warrant?

    1. don’t settle anything period. They subponead the courts in washington dc for the names and identifying information from your internet providers, I never downloaded any movies in my life, i never heard of the hurt locker, and this letter really shook me up, so first thing i did was i consulted several lawyers that were experts in intellectual property, I had an IT professional, who is nationally recognized, and accredited scan my computer, and i filed complaints with several federal agencys. yes i agree file complaints, also they filed a motion to dismiss i think 90 percent of the ip addresses listed in the docket. Also call Beryl Howells chambers in dc. they messed with the wrong person, i wasnt even in the area when i supposivly downloaded this. Its a bunch of crap – dont settle anything.

  7. I also got a letter on sept 30th saying if i dont pay them $2900 by october 6 I may be added to the list of defendants. I did not download that movie & I’m not paying them anything.
    Shouldn’t they have to prove that you are the actually person who downloaded the movie???

    I think people should get together and sue the hell out of them

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