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Durham Regional Hospital ER Review

The ER here was very fast.

I had a recent accident at work where I was working on a roof and fell off. I broke my arm pretty badly working in North Durham, NC. I didn’t Know the area very well so I had to have my buddy drive around a bit while we found the nearest Emergency Room.

We found the Durham Regional Hospital not too far away and stopped there. I was in a lot of pain so I was in a hurry to get inside. However there was a strange obstacle right inside, a metal detector. I had never seen anything like this a hospital. I was obviously in pretty bad part of town.

I walked up to the counter and gave them my information. I was told it wouldn’t be long before I was seen, but I didn’t really buy it. Most ER’s take forever, and I excepted it to be a long time before I was seen. However I was pleasantly surprised, before I could even sit down they took me into triage.

The woman was very nice when i came in. A lot of the time you don’t always find at ER’s. I got all the basics done and they sent me back into the waiting room. I was told it wouldn’t be long until they took me for X-rays, but again I was skeptical.

However I was wrong again. Not much longer than 5 minutes they came and brought me in to be X-rayed. This experience at the ER was going very fast, it was a nice change to the normal ER experience.

Everything went well the rest of the way. They took care all my arm, and fixed me up well. It was fast and the staff was very friendly. The only complaint I had was that it took about 40 minutes for them to discharge me. Overall I spend about 90 minutes there which must be a world record time.

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