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Dynasty Chinese food Detroit Michigan restaurant review – definitely not the cleanest or most sanitary Chinese restaurant out there!

Dynasty Chinese food Detroit Michigan restaurant review
I ordered some Chinese takeout and found what is probably the filthiest restaurant out there - the Dynasty Chinese Food restaurant in Detroit Michigan!

My girlfriend is pregnant with our second child (her 4th) and she was craving some Chinese food. I looked it up in the phone book and found the Dynasty Chinese Food Restaurant near us and gave them a call to place a order for pick-up.

Dynasty Chinese Food
1115 W Warren Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201-3601
(313) 832-8999

I ordered General Tso’s chicken and my wife wanted the shrimp and broccoli. They told me the order would be ready in 10 minutes and so I headed out the door to get there on time. When I got there they told me it wasn’t ready yet and I ended up having to sit there and wait for a good 20 to 25 more minutes for it.

Apparently the kitchen staff forgot to make my order as I clearly heard the one guy tell the guy from the kitchen to make my order. That’s not very professional to forget to make a pickup order customers order and then make them wait another 20 to 25 minutes while you make it for them.

I was starving at that point and I’m sure my girlfriend was too. At least the kids decided to have the leftovers we had from yesterday. So they wouldn’t be cranky and hungry – that’s all I needed was to come home to the whole family being hungry and cranky – that would be the pits.

While I was waiting for my order to be done I looked around the restaurant from what I could see and it definitely was not the cleanest or nicest restaurant I had ever seen. There were crumbs all over the floors. I saw some little bugs that looked like ants or bed bugs by the front and then I saw a big cockroach walk right by me and scamper across the floor – if my girlfriend had seen that she would have made us get up and leave immediately – she is grossed out by all bugs and especially cockroaches as they are filthy and disgusting, not to mention that they spread disease.

As the wait continued on I had nothing better to do than watch the bugs. The smaller bugs stayed in little groupings around crumbs and food while the bigger ones like the cockroaches tended to be on the move and then they would disappear. There was also a spider near me that had been busy as you could see several dead bugs that would have been wrapped up in his silk in his spiderweb. I am sure he had a lot to feast on here.

Finally my food came out and I paid for it and left. The lady said, “come back often.” I answered her, “not a chance.” And I walked out the door. When I got home I was so hungry that I didn’t really care about all the bugs and cockroaches at the Dynasty Chinese Food Restaurant. I just wanted to eat and hopefully the food wasn’t crawling with bugs or anything like that.

I also didn’t tell my girlfriend about the bugs and cockroaches that I saw at the restaurant – if I had she would’ve made me place another order somewhere else and go back out and get it and come back. I just wanted to sit and eat and hopefully this Chinese food would be at least halfway decent. I found it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great either. It was just average Chinese restaurant food.

I have had far better Chinese food here in Detroit Michigan. My advice here is that unless you want to get Chinese food from a filthy pig sty of a restaurant that has a serious bug problem (I saw ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and spiders all around me while I was there) I would go elsewhere. The Dynasty Chinese Food Restaurant is just nasty and filthy and their customer service is lacking to boot! I would have to give it a rating of F.

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