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Dyson Air Multiplier 10 inch table fan review – a very expensive fan that doesn’t work as well as a $30 one!

Dyson Air Multiplier 10 inch table fan review
I received a Dyson air multiplier table fan as a gift and it definitely is not all that - I personally think it sucks!

Let me get this across to everyone first. I didn’t buy this Dyson Air Multiplier fan – it was a gift from a relative that paid $200+ for it! I would never in my right or left mind pay $200 or more for a fan. I wouldn’t even pay $50 for one. Now that I got that across lets talk about this fan and why I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone.

First off it is ugly. Unless you live in a very modern and contemporary designed art gallery this Dyson Air Multiplier (basically a fancy name for a basic, low powered fan because that is all it really is) will stick out like a sore thumb. It looks weird and doesn’t fit in or look right anywhere.

Second, it is loud. I mean louder then any fan I have ever owned. It is even louder then the Vornado fan and my garage shop fan. It is actually annoying and for the little air it puts out it definitely is not worth it’s $200 price tag. You can get better air and less sound with a $20 fan from Wal-Mart.

And the whole thing is a marketing gimmick. At its base you can clearly see a fan with a blade. This is what makes the air move just like with any fan. There is no air multiplication going on here. It is a loud fan at the base with blades which pushes the air up and then out the top.

Also, I must add that the air output from this Dyson air multiplier table fan is rather weak. I have seen $10 to $20 fans with far better air output and they are quieter then the Dyson. They state that it gets rid of annoying buffeting from bladed fans. I would much rather have a regular fan.

We rarely use the Dyson table fan. The only reason we still have it is that a relative gave it to us. We only bring it out when that relative comes to visit which is only once a year or so. Other then that it gets put on a shelf in the basement to collect dust for another year.

The Dyson is truly a product that is a waste and is nothing more then marketing hype. Get a Vornado fan for $30 or so and you will be much happier.

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