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Earthquake predictions – is Los Angeles or San Francisco California next for a big earthquake?

Earthquake predictions - is Los Angeles or San Francisco California next
Is California due to have the big earthquake scientists have been predicting soon? Read on to learn more about this!

There are many old noteworthy sources from the Hopi Indians to the Bible, Koran, and even Edgar Cayce – the sleeping prophet that all have dire predictions for the coming years.  One thing that stands out in almost all of these sources is the prediction of great earthquakes.  In particular to earthquakes of massive size and destruction – one in Japan and one in California.

Now we are ready had the big one in Japan – the Honshu Japan earthquake which just occurred on March 11th and registered as a 9.0 on the Richter scale.  This earthquake may surpass Hurricane Katrina as the most expensive natural disaster ever.  What really caught my eye is that there are numerous prophecies like those of Edgar Casey’s that call for not one but two earthquakes close in time to each other.

One of these is to occur in Japan and obviously this one just happened.  And the other one is supposed to occur in California.  So obviously, if we’ve already had the big one in Japan then that means that California is next.  What would happen in California they were to have a 9.0 earthquake or one similar in strength to the other 9.0+ earthquakes that have occurred?  Would California slip into the ocean like some people are predicting?

It would take an extremely strong earthquake for a piece of land the size of California to just drop off into the ocean.  It would have to be the strongest earthquake ever recorded in recent history.  But it doesn’t rule out that there could be a strong earthquake coming to California soon.  a lot of scientists are also saying that earthquakes occur with a ripple throughout the earth.

What that means is that one earthquake occurs on one side of the earth our low-fat causes one sooner or later on the other side of the Earth.  Relatively speaking we have had earthquakes in the past 10 years on three corners of the Earth.  The last corner (4th corner according to this hypothesis) would be San Francisco California.  Is San Francisco due for another great big earthquake?

Well, according to Edgar Casey, the markers for the ending of our period and the start of the next will be a earthquake in Japan and one in California.  Seeing that the one already occurred in Japan and that we only have a little over a year left before December 21, 2012 when the world is supposed to end or come close to it, then I would be high tailing it out of California.  The whole state of California has some major faults going through it and is sequestered on one of the most volatile fault zones in the world.

Scientists are already stating that the areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco California are already way overdue for a big earthquake.  Somehow out of these earthquakes or an asteroid or something of that caliber the west coast is supposed to be forever changed and the west coast will be off Nebraska and Utah instead.  That doesn’t sound good if you are a resident of California.

If there were just one or two prophecies or predictions telling me this I would probably discount them, but when every single one from the bible, the bible code, Edgar Cayce, the Mayans, the Hopi Indians, Nostradamus and more all in unison claim that the world will cease to exist as we know it and the precursors are a major earthquake in Japan and in California I would start rethinking about living anywhere near California.

The big one is overdue and most likely on its way.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake predictions – is Los Angeles or San Francisco California next for a big earthquake?

  1. Wow. So, California will be dropping into the ocean in the next year or so. Wow. Better get out now while you can. Maybe that’s why they keep airing these TV commercials for California – they don’t want a mass exodus to start happening. The government knows something is up and California is doomed. Better get my aluminum foil hat on now before it is too late…

  2. I think Washington DC is – it goes by how much filth and corruption occur in an area like with Sodom and Gomorha. For example look at New Orleans (filthy city) and hurricane Katrina. Its just nature cleaning up after humans.

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