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Easy Steps to Shrink Belly Fat

If you are like the typical American (it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman) then you are probably carrying around a little extra belly fat. You probably would love to get rid of it and keep it off, wouldn’t you? But you probably don’t have the time and all the workouts you have done just don’t seem to get rid of it all. Also, its hard to stick to a diet and especially when you can’t eat foods that you really like, right? Well, what if I could tell you how you could easily remove inches of unwanted belly fat fast?

Below are proven methods that really work to remove belly fat and then once its gone to keep it off permanently.
Wouldn’t that make you feel great and give you a great boost of self esteem?

First you need to have a proper diet. Stop eating fast foods. There is nothing healthy about fast foods regardless of what McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s would have you to believe. Instead eat plenty of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Spinach is not called a superfood for no reason. It has just about every vitamin, mineral and antioxidant you could want in an abundant supply. Just be careful of ruining it with unhealthy salad dressings. Be sure and read the labels and compare when shopping so that you abstain from anything which could ruin your diet and health. A little fat is good, but it is best if it comes in the form of omega 3 fatty acids like that found in red or pinkish meat fish (salmon and trout).

Don’t load up on too many carbohydrates or eat just protein. Too many carbs will make you want to take a nap and too much protein will just end up being eliminated from your body as waste. It has actually been proven that if you have a personal chef or a company like Bistro MD deliver you your food that you will stick to your diet and lose the extra belly fat!

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Another great idea is to form an exercise regimen that involves a good, solid 30 minutes of activity per day. Good activities consist of walking, running, rowing (crew), aerobics and even swimming. Swimming, as a matter of fact, is one of the best low impact forms of exercise you will find. Whether you try swimming, running, walking or whatever, it is most important that you just do it and stick to a routine. The Bistro MD program comes with lots of helpful advice and regimen ideas along with lots of great healthy food (for more on this just click the links in this article).

Stay away from infomercials hawking the latest diet aids and unfounded claims. Most infomercials are just hype and many have been exposed as outright frauds. You won’t see Dr. Phil and Oprah backing these scammy infomercials – they would only back proven diets and weight loss products. It is always a good idea to consult your personal doctor or family physician prior to undertaking any new diet or exercise program. They are best trained to help you and can best dertermine a course of action for you to gain better health, lose that extra belly fat and more.

So remember, eat right, exercise, and stick with weight loss and belly fat tips that work and are backed by big pro consumer names like Dr. Phil and Oprah.

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