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Ebay listing fees scam email I received! Beware the phishers and their fakes are getting better!

Ebay listing fees scam email I received
Below is a completely fake eBay email I received - beware of these emails!

Below you will find the email body of an email I just received in my Yahoo mail inbox. On the surface it looks like it originated from Ebay. It had all the right graphics and Ebay logos (they wouldn’t copy over here when I copied and pasted the email body, but you can clearly see and read the rest).

What tips you off that it is fake is that even though it states that the registered name is included it is not. That field is left blank. Then all links pointed to a domain that was long and looked nothing at all like an Ebay domain or address. It is an obvious fake. Be careful of it as it is just another phishing attempt by overseas scumbags to obtain account passwords and hijack Ebay accounts to rip people off.

Here is the email message in its entirety (I put it in italics so you see the whole message more clearly – it didn’t originally come in italics):

Ebay. eBay sent this message
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay.
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Reminder: Fee update coming October 7

There’s still time to act to get the lowest fees!

Dear seller:

We’re writing with one final reminder: the October 7 th fee update is just around the corner. Final Value Fee rates for all Fixed Price listings and for Stores Auction-style listings are being reduced and applied to the total amount of the sale, including shipping.

There’s still time to take action. First, keep your shipping costs low. And if you haven’t already done so, SUBSCRIBE NOW to upgrade your current subscription. Based on your recent selling history, that’s how you’ll get the lowest overall fees.

Use the Fee Illustrator to find the right subscription for you and to learn how much you’ll save.

Remember, when an international or 1-day shipping service is offered and selected by your buyer, your Final Value Fee is calculated on the least expensive of your options–your international/1-day option OR the first domestic service offered other than 1-day. If your buyer chooses international shipping and you specified free shipping as your first domestic option, you pay zero Final Value Fees on shipping.

As always, we appreciate your selling on eBay.


eBay Seller Team

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