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Eliminator weed and grass killer review

Eliminator Weed and Grass killer

In the backyard of my house I have a lot of weeds that tend to take hold especially around the kids playground set and in the concrete and borders around the house.  Some of these weeds are really strong and apparently can withstand quite a bit of treatment.  I previously sprayed them with Round Up which I mixed from concentrate.

Round Up in its concentrated form is 18.1% glucosamine salt.  I followed the mixing instructions and it only killed a few of the weeds.  I found it only worked at near full concentrated strength.  At $40 for a quarter of a gallon my perception is that’s a little too expensive for my budget for killing weeds.

So I started looking elsewhere and I found online that landscapers and lawn care specialists recommending that I go with a 41% concentrated form of the same ingredient but that I could buy it by the gallon for a lot cheaper.  They said not to buy Round Up as you’re paying for the name brand and it only comes in 18% strength maximum.

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What they recommend instead was the Eliminator brand that they carry at Walmart.  So I went down to my local Walmart and found it for a gallon of the 41% glucosamine salt mixture for only $25.  That’s more than four times the value of the Round Up weeding grass killer that I previously purchased in bulk from BJ’s wholesale club.

So I sprayed the problem areas in my backyard after mixing it correctly as per the directions on the label and I’m going to post the pictures of before and after so everyone can see exactly did it work or did it not work?  Instead of me telling you this week and actually see the proof.

Right now I only have the pictures of before as I just sprayed the weeds earlier today.  As soon as I have visible results I will take pictures of it and send those in.  I am starting with only a 5% mix.  I want to see if this product is better and not start with the super strong concentrate at first.

Below are the problem areas of my yard showing before treatment with the Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer.

Weeds near playet


Weeds that keep coming back

Weeds around house

Here are the pictures of after the treatment – this stuff is amazing, but I will let you judge for yourself:

dead weeds

dead weeds 2

more dead weeds

weeds killed with eliminator

dead weeds 3

dead weeds by ladder

weed killer review

weeds are dead

Well there you have it – the proof is in the pictures.  Round Up sucks.  Eliminator rocks!  The weeds are all dead at a 5% solution.  This stuff is like magic.  It kills everything you spray and fast.  Now, I know what I will be using from now on – besides, it’s a bargain at $25 for a whole gallon of the stuff.

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