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ESPN Fantasy Football review – The Best Place to Play Fantasy Football Fantasy Football offers the best service

I have been playing fantasy football for a long time now. I have used many different online fantasy football services throughout the years. However after sampling what is out there I have found that Fantasy Football offers the best service, and features.

ESPN gives you a more in depth analysis of your team, and players than any other service out there. They show statistics from the previous weeks, average points per week, and projected points per week for each player. This makes it much easier to manage your team, and make tough decisions on which players to play.

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Not only does ESPN offer very detailed statistical analysis, they also offer a number of subtle amenities that other websites like,, and don’t offer. ESPN offers the ability to assign weekly trophies, talk trash to your opponent live every week, and gives live team point projects for each team while the games are going on. For someone who loves watching football on Sundays with their fantasy football scores up, you can’t beat ESPN’s in game point projections. Fantasy Football which I have used in the past just doesn’t seem to cut it in my opinion. For the longest time they made you pay for live scoring, but recently in the past 2 years have given it free due to ESPN’s offering of free live scoring. Though they have live scoring, it doesn’t update any of it’s projections like ESPN does mid-game. also only offers yearly point totals on the players. You need to look up statistics game by game if you want a weekly break down of each players performance.

If you’re a casual fantasy football player, and don’t have the time to manage a team completely on your own, ESPN allows you to add multiple team managers. This may also come in handy if you are new to fantasy football and want some guidance from a co-manager. This really opens the door to attract many new fantasy football players who might not have played.

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After using ESPN’s fantasy football I will never go back. I now have all my teams managed on, and it is very easy to catalog through my different teams all from the same page. I recommend it to all of my friends who have not yet used it. Not a single one of them has been disappointed so far.

One thought on “ESPN Fantasy Football review – The Best Place to Play Fantasy Football

  1. I don’t know when this review was written (there’s no date) but Yahoo has continuous game projections before and during the game.

    CBS has a lot of data and overall I like it best. It would help to point out WHAT data ESPN provides and how much of it requires paying money to be an “Insider.”

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