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My wife was hogging the tv and I really wanted to watch the end to one of the college bowl games on ESPN. I was watching the gamecast online, but it just wasn’t cutting it. Looking at dots move across the screen isn’t too exciting. I decided to try to watch the end of the game.

I had seen many commercials about on TV but didn’t really know how it worked. It claimed to be really easy, and had many regular ESPN shows and games on there available on the internet to watch live.

I went to and it was as easy as advertised. The game on ESPN was advertised on the main screen on All I had to do was click watch live, and the game showed up right on my screen. The clarity of the picture was decent as well.




I was able to watch the rest of the game in almost live time. When I later compared the actual time to the time it was only about 20 seconds behind. Thats not too bad considering the gamecast feature has a much longer lag time between the update and actual game events.

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After the game was over I explored a little bit more. I noticed that there was a significant amount of European Soccer games being shown on I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I would imagine it would be very luxury nice for soccer fans to be able to still watch soccer games that aren’t normally televised.

I was very happy with what had to offer. It was very easy to use. If I ever have any TV conflict again I know to use for my sports. Also it would be good for when I’m travling. I can watch ESPN games on the go.

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  1. espn3 is probably the most unefficient way to watch sports. I cant watch anything on their website without having to enter ridiculous information and answering absurd questions. Terrible website.

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